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  1. I've done some more in-depth research and I found this: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/alternote-editor/hljkfahiahjhhpmpihngnommookkneji Someone Implemented Alternote as Chrome extension. It allows formatting with keyboard shortcuts and you can choose between different styles of headings. Selecting notes to edit is a bit cumbersome though. You have to be logged in to Evernote web, then pick a note and run the extension. Nevertheless, for Windows users, this is probably the best currently available alternative.
  2. I know about Alternote but to my knowledge, it's only available on Mac. Are there any decent alternative editors that run on Windows or Web? My primary requirement is convenient formatting(with keyboard shortcuts).
  3. I was recently wondering whether there is a way to do something about Evernote's poor formatting capabilities. I’ ve tried using Marxico but I was sorely disappointed with its inability to edit notes created in Evernote app. The main reason why I prefer Evernote over the other note-taking apps is the Web Clipper extension which IMO constitutes the best tool for collecting information from the Web.However, lack of styles that can be applied with a keyboard shortcut like in MS Word, makes writing anything of considerable length or more sophisticated structure a nightmare. Therefore I’m looking f
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