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  1. It's been things we've been asking for months, but no one seems to be willing to hear, so I thought I might as well try again, especially since these "features" should be relatively easy to implement : - I know it's something that has been widely discussed, but why in hell is it not possible to have THE CARDVIEW OPTION AGAIN ? This really is frustrating and goes against all common sense user experience know-how - there's a bug in the IOS version of the app : sketches are not displayed unless the note is selected, which make it very hard to find them, wouldn't it be possible to display a thumbnail view of them, as it is with photos etc... ? - the ability to add a sketch to a note is a very nice feature; but so annoyingly hindered by the fact that the area is limited to the screen; why not make it limitless, in order to be able to "expand" the plan or whatever we draw there, instead of having to create a new sketch; wouldn't it be way more convenient and logical ? (and since it's vector, it wouldn't be space-consuming) Those are actually the things that make my experience with Evernote frustrating, and they might even make me think of switching to another app (if it exists); I really hope you guys will listen to this and hopefully make the changes... Thank you
  2. Ok thanks. I'm not referring to Card View (which I miss a lot btw), but even in the so-called view that we have now, which only shows notes on one column, notes that have an image display a preview of it, but not if the notes contain only a sketch; before the update it was working as expected; displaying both of course...
  3. I can't believe the card view has been removed; it can't possibly be that you guys decided that instead of using the whole screen to view my notes, in list or in cards (I used the latter because it's efficient for me to find them just by seing the thumbnail), you would just allow a fraction of it to the listing, forcing the user to always have a note displayed on the right? Please tell me that it's a bug and will be corrected soon... ; )
  4. This is rather a bug (I hope) of the actual update; but I can't see previews of notes where I created sketches (I could before); this is a huge problem for me since I have lots of notes that are just sketches (no title) and they are now just listed as "Notes"; there's no way for me to know what it is before clicking it; I hope it'll be corrected very soon.
  5. Totally agree. One of the big disappointment of this update. And the fact that the sketch area is still limited to the device's screen size; it's so annoying to have the same drawbacks as the paper where we could have none...
  6. Something I've been asking for at least a year; why limit the size of a sketch to the device's screen? Why not let it be as big as needed? Say I'm drawing a plan and need some extra space; I'd just need to "scroll" with my fingers in either direction to continue drawing where I want; and once done, Evernote saves it all and resizes its preview; this shouldn't be hard to implement and I wonder why you chose to have the same limitations of a real sheet of paper where we could precisely use its digital silverlinings... Hope you'll make that for the next update, as you've promised to do a long time ago...
  7. Hi, I've been told (months ago) that it may come in a future update; I can't understand why the sketch area (the dotted background area displayed for handwritten notes or sketches on a note) is limited to the screen size; it would be so convenient to have it limitless; to be able to "zoom out" and start writing/sketching anywhere; it would be so useful for big meeting notes, giant sketches, etc... Can someone tell me when this must-have feature is likely to come? Thanks! David
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