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  1. ChiragC, link from your post behaves the same as other pages, no difference (for me...). If open in active tab (by clicking on link, or right-click, 'Open link in new window', EN clipper works fine. If open in background (inactive) tab, it will fail clipping until page is reloaded. It is possible that your problem is not the same as mine. In my case behavior is quite consistent (which is good for troubleshooting). Good luck, ~P
  2. To EN staff: after some testing with Chrome on Win 10, it only happens when web page is open in background tab. On any page open in foreground clipper seems to work fine. This is MY experience; I would ask others to test it, and confirm or deny it to help EN developers. ~P
  3. Luzie Duck, I am also not crazy about new web interface with limited functionality. Option to go back to old one would be really nice. What do you mean by "especially the large font"? Which part of the interface you are talking about. ~Piotr
  4. Hi. It looks like 'beta' version does not respect my default font setup. Now, Copy-and-Paste from any web page gives me my font with some extra text attributes (bold, little bigger subtitles, etc.). In 'beta', the same operation takes much more of web page look (including unwanted gray background), disregarding my EN note setup. My assumption is that most users want to see their notes in particular font and size, and do not care much what original web page looks like. ~Piotr
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