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  1. It's especially bad, since Evernote already offers so many text editing features - they clearly want you to edit text within their app - and not just shove data in from the internet... But in particular, the existence of bulleted lists and numbered lists almost NECESSITATE being able to move items up and down in the list. Who plops down a to-do list, or topics to discuss at a meeting, or ideas for an article - and doesn't then want to move them around? Or does Evernote only want to be the storehouse for pre-formed articles?
  2. Every time I have to Cut, move something around in my list, Paste... (then often have to insert or delete an extra return/bullet)... .then move to another item in the list, cut, paste, repeat... it kinda does make me think about switching away from Evernote. Isn't it just good practice to follow Microsoft editing standards? As an aside I have over 1,000 notes in Evernote, that mostly are lists and projects... I do A *LOT* of this activity.
  3. I definitely want to see this added, and am disappointed that it appears to have been suggested back in 2011? Is there somewhere that Evernote users get to vote on functionality? You don't have to take away Cut/Paste... but please find a way to do this edit. I would add my +1 to the discussion, and also add how many times I go to do this in the editor. I would even be happy with an editor icon that does the function like the "promote and demote" icons. Seems to me that promote and demote would be more difficult to implement.
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