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  1. Evernote/DevonthinkPro Noob reporting back here (@GM: I chickened out of posting to the DT forums since I'm half a convert now, might do it sometime in the indefinite future though): the only consensus here seems to be that anyone discontent with Evernote as the LOTR "one Note App to rule them all" approach should instead try the Pokemon approach and use different apps for what they do best. DT is moving about as fast as its icon mascot but remains as of yet unsurpassed at things like AutoClassify/SeeAlso,integration with automated web research engine DevonAgent, and comparative ease of export
  2. Holy *****, I just realized Indexed files ->Get info-> Exclude from Classification is checked on indexed files and folders by default. Sorry about that. This is a big deal for me lol. Is there any way to change that default rule? Cant see it in preferences. Since I paid $$ already, I'd like to keep discovering solutions to my above post like this. But GM is right; I need to stop here and continue only in DTPO forums. I'll tinker some more then post a better version of the above to the DTPO forums.
  3. I meant that the See Also & Classify feature for some reason only suggests to me groups that I've imported or created. Indexed groups dont show up in my "suggested folders" section of the drawer - which is wierd because I just noticed it seems to work fine according to one of GM's posts above. Might just be me, I might give it another go.
  4. DevonThinkProOffice: Personal Review So...No Offense to anyone (Seriously)...but I just wasted $210 and 2 weeks of my life on the Devon trio (DevonThink Office, D.Agent,D.Sphere) and I'm very much regretting it. It's my fault of course, I wasted the trial period due to being busy elsewhere then hastily spent my money being impressed by what I saw on paper. I know DTPO isn't a replacement for Evernote, but that's what they're trying to be, which is why comparing them sheds light on DTPO's priorities for future feature set. My personal usage-based feedback on DTPO (Devonthink Pro Office)(th
  5. New Mac user here. In summary, it seems Evernote excels at aspects such as Capture and Sync, while Devonthink Pro Office excels at extractable text OCR (although client-side - isn't it a bit too heavy on the ram/system resources?) and - mainly - Organization. Everyone in the thread should be quite thoroughly well-informed at this point in time as to whether the steep learning curve and the impact on ram that Devon's client-side OCR and sync impose are worth the automated organizing prowess of the AI. Any decisive recommendations as to which to commit to, as of Dec 18th [Devon Office vs Evernot
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