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  1. Evernote/DevonthinkPro Noob reporting back here (@GM: I chickened out of posting to the DT forums since I'm half a convert now, might do it sometime in the indefinite future though): the only consensus here seems to be that anyone discontent with Evernote as the LOTR "one Note App to rule them all" approach should instead try the Pokemon approach and use different apps for what they do best. DT is moving about as fast as its icon mascot but remains as of yet unsurpassed at things like AutoClassify/SeeAlso,integration with automated web research engine DevonAgent, and comparative ease of export (esp. when compared to Evernote, which does have the functionality but makes it too much of a hurdle for novices). OneNote for Windows (which I will be switching to for Engineering class notes...alas Penultimate has dashed my hopes for Ipad Pro) remains the best for handwritten notes.... Evernote remains the best at capture, the worst at release, much like Facebook. And Roberta remains the best at being Troll Centrall(o) (might as well, it pays to be somewhat anonymous). PS from personal experience: I've tried to keep DT and EN in sync (in the manual sense of the word) and have found capturing first in DT then dragging into EN works. The reverse, (capture in EN, export to DT ),while possible, is way too painful (the existing scripts dont work well for many notes). Apologies in advance: no ignorance (or offense) intended.
  2. Holy *****, I just realized Indexed files ->Get info-> Exclude from Classification is checked on indexed files and folders by default. Sorry about that. This is a big deal for me lol. Is there any way to change that default rule? Cant see it in preferences. Since I paid $$ already, I'd like to keep discovering solutions to my above post like this. But GM is right; I need to stop here and continue only in DTPO forums. I'll tinker some more then post a better version of the above to the DTPO forums.
  3. I meant that the See Also & Classify feature for some reason only suggests to me groups that I've imported or created. Indexed groups dont show up in my "suggested folders" section of the drawer - which is wierd because I just noticed it seems to work fine according to one of GM's posts above. Might just be me, I might give it another go.
  4. DevonThinkProOffice: Personal Review So...No Offense to anyone (Seriously)...but I just wasted $210 and 2 weeks of my life on the Devon trio (DevonThink Office, D.Agent,D.Sphere) and I'm very much regretting it. It's my fault of course, I wasted the trial period due to being busy elsewhere then hastily spent my money being impressed by what I saw on paper. I know DTPO isn't a replacement for Evernote, but that's what they're trying to be, which is why comparing them sheds light on DTPO's priorities for future feature set. My personal usage-based feedback on DTPO (Devonthink Pro Office)(the topic of this thread) - Cons: Indexing didn't carry over my folder structure preferences into DTPO even after I imported those indexed docs in completely. I deleted the DB, then imported again from scratch; only then did See Also & Classify actually start being useful. I'm guessing that folder structure preferences only carry over when you import everything, not index, which is a deal-breaker because it forces you to live inside Devonthink. iOS version absolutely sucks - U can barely enter anything in. DT2G is just a ugly sub-par reader app. and the bait-and-switch-style-promised DT2G has been overdue for so many years (at least 3 - their current manual still has 2013 as release date as of Jan 2016 ) that I doubt it'll ever come out. An obvious-but-not-to-be-underestimated one: Cross-platform Presence sucks. Windows/Android/Web/Linux, yeah but iOS too? Main point: Accessibility sucks. That's a deal breaker for a PIM/'Paperless Office" UI is by far the ugliest I've ever seen on a Apple device. Ugly enough to be a deal-breaker. Wanting an attractive UI for what I stare at all day is not a sin but a prerequisite, esp for Apple products. Integration with most mainstream products and with things like IFTTT suck, when compared to the rich open Evernote ecosystem Note-taking/New Document tools suck - I doubt anyone actually cares about 'sheets' and plain vs rich notes... Another deal-breaker for a "paperless office". Memory Performance really sucks - 'smart' features (auto group/auto classify/see also & classify) & import for multiple doc's always get me an everlasting beachball and a sharp drop in free ram; so does OCR. (this could, of course, be due to size of library, I have 45GB in one database...I didn't create multiple db's to share the load because that would exclude me from running on all my stuff at once the aforementioned 'smart' features and search, which are the only saving grace of this product). Can't read many doc. formats (.mobi etc.), which renders search and 'smart' features non-comprehensive. The Applescript is far more complicated than Evernote's. Almost all its features can be done by and even outmatched by other more-easily-accessible tools (that look far prettier)- Spotlight for Search (including search inside documents...Preview does this too), Tags, Smart Folders,sync; Evernote for all these + item links, though not smart folders. Steep learning curve. Not all of us use Mail or Outlook or Unix mailbox based Mac clients, so email integration worse than Evernote for those of us. Dragging mail into sorter doesn't satisfactorily get everything in. Your own storage, your own ram, your own processor whereas Evernote offers features heavy on these server-side for free,bundled with itself. There are more cons too that I presently cant recall, but you get the picture. Pro's: The only useful features I couldn't find elsewhere : 1.search highlights the matching text inside each pdf for all relevant pdf's and actually displays that exact spot, lets you browse them with "next/previous highlight" buttons (last I checked, neither Evernote nor Spotlight does this; Preview does but not for a gazillion documents at once). Also, Merge Highlights. 2.Help with organizing what you put in: 2.a. See Also and Classify. (But Evernote Context is on See Also's heels, and also shows related things from outside your notes.) (Auto group and Auto Classify haven't worked well for me yet...maybe with more structure in my db over time but not yet). 2.b. Scripts like "convert keywords to tags"...auto-tagging. 3. You can get a local hyperlink for anything and everything inside DTPO, down to selected text inside some pdf (if you want to go through the trouble of getting Excerptor, I dont ) Useful to paste into OmniFocus notes, Calendar etc. 4. Integration with DevonAgent, which I actually like I must emphasize again - no offense intended towards anyone - this is just my honest feedback on a product I expected much from and am sorely disappointed with. Feel free to ignore or take heed. I hope this is useful for the undecideds (in case there are any still lurking). And I sincerely apologize for any mistake I might undoubtedly have made in this post. Oh, and back to my original question of Evernote vs DevonThink (more like Evernote only vs EN+DTPO): there is no contest.If you like collecting books and stuff, and/or have a large collection of them that you want to sort through,DTPO might come in handy as an option. Evernote, despite its innumerable shortcomings, remains the only reliable cross-platform product in its category as far as I can see after an extensive search. Please feel free to guide me to a better alternative other than SimpleNote, OneNote & DTPO. For now : EN is far simpler and FAR better at every front except for a couple of auto-organize commands,compared to DTPO. Hands down: Evernote wins.
  5. New Mac user here. In summary, it seems Evernote excels at aspects such as Capture and Sync, while Devonthink Pro Office excels at extractable text OCR (although client-side - isn't it a bit too heavy on the ram/system resources?) and - mainly - Organization. Everyone in the thread should be quite thoroughly well-informed at this point in time as to whether the steep learning curve and the impact on ram that Devon's client-side OCR and sync impose are worth the automated organizing prowess of the AI. Any decisive recommendations as to which to commit to, as of Dec 18th [Devon Office vs Evernote Premium] ? [Appologies in advance for any possible display of ignorance...I only just got started in all this] [I've read all the articles mentioned, including ScottLougheed's ones. But there are also negative reviews out there for Devon, e.g. http://dailymacview.com/2014/01/21/switching-to-evernote-from-devonthink-but-why/ (he follows it up with a article where he goes back to Devon, but then comprehensively dismisses it again in the comments section, saying , they're "just not keeping up" or something of that sort). Thanks in advance.
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