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  1. This app looks really promising and fills the gap that other apps leave on Android - I will probably try it out! As for focusing on "core application" -Evenote is missing a huge opportunity to expand template/app driven tie ins with it's core application. I have started using this app and I agree this looks promising !
  2. By deleiting the Evernote Food app you have treated me bad as a costumer I have been using Evernote for a lot of years, most of the years I have been a premium user and i have recommended Evernote to all my friends and others. I loved the Evernote Food app. And now you just cancelled it. Since Googles Keep come I have used both Evernote and Keep. But with taking away Evernote Food its over for me. I will delete my Evernote account. I have used the food for the same reasons as everybody else have written about in this topic, and with coming with a solution to use a web clipper it looks like
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