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  1. haven't read the whole thread. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for bringing back the menu-item for deleting a note (you now call it "move to recycle bin") so you just have to press "alt"+"n">"e">"e" (it seems complicated, but its fastern then moving your hand to the mouse) If you could show this option in the "open note in a new window" - menu, too, that would be really great (it's absent there)
  2. thanks for bringing tha up again @sylvain rodrigue I have to use the webclient more ofte, because I'm working from linux. it drives me crazy that I have to click on the buttong, have to wait for the site to load.... yes, you could make a bookmark but why? (besides - i work from multiple Devices... ) I ask myself why sometimes my reaction to this is so emotional ... hm, because its so obvious, thats why, and because I was trapped into the signup form to often - and when you are in a hurry thats really buggin... Is it too difficult to place a small login form at the upper right oder just create a url to the "terribly-to-type" home.action-Url? like login.en.com or home.evernote.com
  3. Thank you for posting these useful tips. F4 ... great idea! Question: i switch to a notebook via [alt]+[1] and then want to rename the notebook. So i have to klick in the left sidebar and search the notebook, but unfortunately it is a stacked one and (when i dont know where i stacked it or accidentally moved it) i would have to expand all stacks to find it and rename it. in the past i would have changed the view to "all notebooks". How can i do it now. Maybe add a "jump to notebook"-entry to the rightklick-menu on the notebook-field of the note (same for Tags). Or do i miss something? Thanks
  4. Nice!! I really like [alt]+[1]/[2] ! and all the other color-features and ... greatness : ) And you brought the shortcut for the note-info field back ( [ctrl]+[shift]+ ["i"] ) thats great (could you place it somewhere easier, like [ctrl]+[F8]?? and than maybe highlight the first letters of the propertys - so i can press [ctrl]-[f8] and then ["u"] to directly type or paste in the url-field ... yeah i know... ; ) - update: but one can [tab]-through the pop-up list) What i happily saw: if you press [alt] and a letter, the menu remains open - example: i want a classic link without clicking -> i type [alt]+[n] and then [e] - now the "create evernote link" entry is highlighted and i have to options: enter for a web-link OR [ctrl]+[enter] for a classic link. Thats flexible and handy. (hm, but the "delete note" entry still missing and) Thanks for that update!
  5. Thank you for pointing that out. That will do it temporarily (BUT you have to move the hand from the keyboar (if you dont have a trackpoint)) It is like @JeffreyC said: the "edit > delete" function just deletes text, not the note. Same for the [del]-Key: if you have the note focused (note the notelist) the "del" key just deletes text. If you move your mouse and klick a note in the list view - the note will be deleted. But i don't realy think that anyone would use the "menu > edit > delete" entry to delete text (instead of [del] or [backspase]-key ) - maybe you could change the function of the entry. So the shortcut will be [alt]+[ b]+[l] (not that ergonomic like [alt]+[n] but ok) Besides that, i recognized one little thing: i am a premium Member, not business. When i open a note (separate view/new windows) and klick on "help" there is an entry "to the admin console", that (for me as non-business-user) points to an error-webpage. The entry isnt in the main Evernote windows. (## in the last stable version on my notebook at home this entry is existent to. so its maybe not a beta-version -thing) Big Thanks in advance! V
  6. i wanted to write the same. When i'm deleting notes in Windows i type [alt]+[n]+[l] without touching the mouse, but after the update... hm @gazumped thanks for pointing out the multiselect!! Thats nice!
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