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  1. @gazumped, sorry but I really hate the argument, their game, their rules, by that logic, why have any user feedback at all. I also would bet that at this point it is simply bureaucracy and arbitrary limitation that create the limitation and not "because they looked at it", apparently they moved it from 100 - 250, so they could have moved it to any number, they just chose not to because they want people to use tags. They probably have not looked at it because they don't think it effects enough people, but I think most people use notebooks, and eventually when they have been using Evernote long enough will run into the same issue.
  2. I've already read the multitude of posts on this topic. I've been an Evernote user since the beginning and I've always thought it was a great product. As soon as I thought of a feature, the Evernote folks have already been cooking it up. Recently I ran up against the notebook limit, I contacted customer support and they gave my the "you should use tags instead" line. I am a Developer myself, and while I do not purport to know how Evernote is built or the whoas of maintaining a system with so many users, I can't imagine any reason why arbitrarily setting a limit of 250 notebooks, improves system performance or usability. It seems that a decision was made that people should use tags rather than notebooks without any regard for how current users prefer to work. In particular, the fact that I choose to be a premium user and and still limited to 250 notebooks seems absurd. At least choose a number that very few people would run up against like 1000, or make the free limit 100 and the premium limit 1000, that way if the limit really bothers someone it will incentivize them to pay for your service.
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