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  1. Feedback for devs - just do * { -webkit-font-smoothing: auto; } instead of `antialiased` and it will (at least on macOS, no idea how it looks on Win/Lin), immediately improve the readability of the UI without changing any colors. This font is too thin outside the main note area.
  2. There is a really simple solution to this "problem" - a high contrast / legacy theme. Nothing prevents Evernote from adding at least one optional theme that would be appreciated more by people with disabilities, with different tastes, or for whatever reason happier with previous style. It's a web app + web app packaged as desktop app, so things like colors and padding/margins for elements are easily modifiable. Adding one more option in the user settings is also not a big deal: it could be saved locally, with the new UI set as default, and it doesn't require changes in the backend.
  3. IMHO, the new UI looks 1000 times better. I can understand that such changes may be annoying for some/many people, so having a "legacy" option (simply an additional stylesheet for new UI with previous colors and smaller padding) for current users wouldn't be a bad idea.
  4. I read this topic couple of days ago, there was no solution, but today I figured it out myself. In my case the problem was VPN (NordVPN). When I temporarily added my wifi to trusted networks (so the vpn connection was disabled) I was able to login to all of Evernote's web services.
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