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  1. Skitch PDF annotation seems to use the same underlying interface and code as within Evernote. Skitch PDF annotation is broken in Sierra in the same way as within Evernote.
  2. Considering that Skitch hasn't been updated since 2014 and was even killed on some other platforms, I'm not holding my breath.
  3. I received said notice, and it came with one year of Evernote Premium for free to compensate for the trouble. I haven't noticed any missing attachments, though.
  4. Same for me in 6.10 Beta 2. PDF searching has returned, but it doesn't highlight OCR hits properly.
  5. And where is the public notice on Evernote's social media to warn its premium users not to upgrade to Sierra until they fix this? Can we give Fujitsu some love for having integrity?
  6. Just tried 6.9.2 to no avail. I moved my critical items to OneNote, and it's working for now, but I find it to be clunky. Happy to hear other suggestions. I'm jumping ship.
  7. The least that could have happened is what Fujitsu did by putting out the word not to upgrade to Sierra. Whoop dee doo, I have to wait another six months for Siri versus completely altering my workflow? That's an easy choice.
  8. Skitch annotation has the same problem in PDF for me. I can only edit the first page of the document. This is the part where I mention that Skitch for Mac has not been updated since version 2.7.8 in 2014.
  9. Yes. PDF annotation is broken for me after upgrading to macOS Sierra. I am able to add text and highlighting only to the first page of a PDF, and nowhere else. Previous annotations on PDFs cannot be edited, as they don't show up in the annotation window, only in the thumbnail. I also cannot search PDF OCR at all. * I do NOT own a Fujitsu ScanSnap.
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