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  1. This is really annoying, I hate when the line height changes and I can't fix it, I've even past it in text editors to copy it and past it with ctrl + shift + v but nothing works
  2. I hadn't updated evernote in a couple of months, last night I updated to the latest, and now when I create a code block the button won't stay pressed so I can undo the code block, I have to erase line by line with space until the last escape deletes the code block, worst is that I can't paste images inside code blocks like I was doing the day before anymore, nothing happens when I paste the images
  3. I use evernote in spanish, and the same happens to me, everytime I add a word that is underlined it in red to the dictionary, it appears on user.dic but when I write it, it shows the red underline again, also when I write it wrong, the suggestion is missing
  4. Is there a way to export my evernotes to markdown while mantaining the formatting? I tried exporting from evernote to HTML, and pasted that HTML to tools that convert HTML to markdown, but the HTML created by evernote seems to be not acceptable. Or at least find a way to export from evernote to raw text, stripped from any formatting, so I can paste that text and reformat it on a markdown app
  5. I have a lot of problem with wierd formatting, copying and pasting text can turn out to be so different in diferent context, when I remove format the highlighted gets ruined, it's really upsetting, I wish they'd use markdown for the formatting
  6. That sucks, changing the font and font-size on block code should be supported, and the inline code too, I mean markdown can do it, hope is added on a future release, thank you sir for your anwser.
  7. Hi, I'm writing a lot about code on Evernote, and I constantly need to write block code, evernote provides a simple click for that, but sometimes I need a inline code block inside a paragraph, is there any way to do this? Also I would like to know If there's any way to change the code block font to a better one like fira code?
  8. I'm having the same issue, evernote has been unusable latetly, after 10 minutes of being open it becomes really hard to type, it freezes, it starts to take a lot of cpu, I'm on windows btw.
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