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  1. I'd definitely be interested - above all because of the markdown export - and would gladly beta test it for you.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, Chuck. I don't have 3D Touch, so I must admit it's a bit hard for me to visualize what you mean by the advantages of having the notes above the actions. Isn't it possible then to put a switch in settings for the user to choose if they prefer notes after or before the actions? Anyway, it isn't working the way it is, as even when we disable showing recent notes, the widget keeps showing the message that says the notes will appear there - and Apple being Apple for not accepting only actions... What's wrong with it???... Whatever... I really think the OneNote widget makes more sense: you have the actions and if you tap "show more" you see more, which are the recent notes. I don't know, but it seems to me that the notes, being dynamic - that is, not being always the same - are a plus, are "more"; while the actions - which are constant - are what should always be there. I'd be happy with a widget like that, but even though I'd agree it may be a little niche, I'd be even happier to have a shortcut for audio notes on the widget too.
  3. Like the other person, it doesn't work for me. The sign saying my notes will appear there stays there. Come on, just look at the OneNote widget. It's perfect. Not even Apple Notes got it right. To me it is fairly obvious that, even if a given user wants to see some recent notes in the widget, the action icons should come before/above the notes.
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