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  1. Phils, First off, thank you so much for creating this. I wish I would've known about CVS as I've never done that before so I had to search this in layers and it took hours. I ended up googling "Evernote to CVS" and BAM! That was after like 4 hours of trying to desperately find a way to do exactly this. I think my original search field was "Evernote to Outlook" but I found nothing within the first 2 pages of my search engine. Lastly, you deserve to get paid for this! Paypal information please. You have no idea how many different sources I've seen people saying "I wish you can transfer business cards over to Evernote." yeah, so do I after two days of non-stop searching. My only suggestion for the program I could think of while analyzing the program was, it would be nice to transfer the front business card image as a picture since pretty much most peoples faces won't be there. I noticed I had a few business cards with linked in, but they don't appear in outlook. I think outlook doesn't have a category for Linked-in or maybe I missed it. If you can't do that, or don't want to do that, no big deal. I think at least I got the most important thing needed more than anything else. The picture thing would basically be a BIG BONUS if you think about it (not to mention this is already a BIG BONUS since it works well). and again, Thank you very much!
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