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  1. The way to stop the annoying auto updates is this: 1-Delete the Evernote app (You won't lose your data because all your notes will download again from the evernote cloud) 2-Download and install the app from the mac store (Not from the Evernote website) 3-That's it! woohoo! Apple doesn't allow those stupid automatic updates Problem solved!
  2. I also want to to turn off auto update. It is too risky to allow an update to happen in the middle of a work session where I could potentially lose access to all my notes. It's arrogant of Evernote to assume every single auto-update will always work on every computer. Thats why I leave updates for an off day so the risk of a new bug doesn't interfere with my work. It has to be up to the user, you guys cannot impose when to update my computer. There needs to be a manual switch for this function.
  3. Yes, having a choice of background color for notes, could let me asign a color to each client. As a freelancer with lots of short term clients, it doesnt make sense for me to create a whole notebook for each one. Instead, I keep these short term clients together in a single notebook, so it would help greatly to organize their notes that I could color code them. This would be amazing! A possibly easier solution would be to add color options to the text of the Title. We already have that tool in the body of the note. Isnt it easy to add that color tool to the title section? That would be cool!
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