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  1. Already signed up for the windows Beta ... but waiting for my request to be approved (can you give it a nudge perhaps?)
  2. For years I have been hoping that Evernote would concentrate on fixing the poor editing features and stop introducing new features that nobody asked for and strange product partnerships (Post-it notes, messenger bags, etc). Finally, it seems as though it might just happen! I appreciate the detailed blog post explaining how you're planning to move forward. I'm not concerned about the choice of technology (javascript) as I currently use the following javascript editors extensively and have no problems with performance: the Wodpress (CKEditor?) editor for blog postsMarxico, "the missing markdown editor for Evernote" which allows me to write markdown in a split screen view, and create beautiful notes with a consistent style and appearance.the editor in this forumI really think that you need to look at implementing a way for users to suggest and vote on product features. This would provide you with metrics on how your user-base feel about particular features. It's important to note however that you MUST feedback on the suggestions. Perhaps it would be a good idea to set a threshold at which you guarantee more detailed feedback. E.g. if a feature gets more than 5,000 votes then a response of more than 100 words is guaranteed. Even if it's a response explaining why a feature won't be implemented, it will show respect for your users and rebuild the trust that is lacking. The most important features that I would like to see in a new improved editor are fairly standard features. These are features I would use every single day. Better image handling. I can't believe I can't resize an image, let alone choose how text flows around itBetter table support. Controlling borders, margins and padding... background and foreground colours and setting column sizes.Styles. Seriously, this would be the biggest change for me. I like my notes to look consistent. I like to format code in a particular colour and font. I like to have headings of different sizes.This is your opportunity to do something great. Don't drop the ball on this!
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