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  1. i ask again - who actually wants the separation of Personal and Business notes? i just don't understand why these need to be separated. and in fact, they are still linked because when i forward emails to EN, it goes to my personal account and i have to move all of those to the Business account. the MOVE NOTE function is way slower now that i have to actually click on my business notes (bottom left of move dialogue), so i can't just quickly use the keyboard shortcuts. if it HAS to be like this, is it possible to have 2 "main views" open at the same time? one with personal and another with
  2. perhaps his comments function as Beta Feedback then...? first i want to say - excellent job with the TABS and TABLES! you guys are great with things that start with "T-A-B" but moving on... i too just do not understand the complete separation of Personal and Business notes when your business account's FOUNDATION is your personal account! i think that's the element that the EN team may be missing from those of us who don't like the separation. let's say i use a Scanner that auto adds it to EN - my PERSONAL inbox notebook is my default notebook, because usually that's what i
  3. using the Beta for a while now, i really do not like the separation of the Personal and Business accounts. it's made its way officially to the iOS app, so I'm guessing that's just the roadmap for Desktop. but it just feels very clunky to me, and i'm trying to approach it as if i don't have knowledge of how it used to work. moving notes from Personal to Business is just a chore, as described earlier in this thread. too many steps, rather than a simple drag and drop. the only reason i could see this as a good step is if we will be allowed to use SEVERAL different accounts and switch b
  4. the process for installing this type of Mac app is to drag it to your Applications folder, since it is an app. you don't want to leave it in your Downloads. this goes for any App that appears as a "icon" in your folder, rather than an installer that goes through a process and several screens. it's not just an Evernote thing.
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