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  1. I don't have the money and will not for a whole year, according to Google. I will not use the features at all. Service not provided.
  2. I was not surprised, I was extremely busy. Evernote sent reminders. Every other subscription I have paid allows you to cancel and get a refund. At the time there was no other option but through Google Play. Am I to know telepathically that this had changed?
  3. Google stole my $49.99 plus $1.50 international transaction fee and Evernote is getting a cut of this so benefiting from the proceeds of crime. I do not want another year of Evernote Plus. Google committed a crime and Evernote is complicit in this crime by making Google manage subscriptions. "Google does not give refunds for most Google Play purchases." This is theft.
  4. ^Tumbleweeds are rolling through on this issue like an abandoned cantina. Like in Windows 10 with File Explorer snapping back to the top of a list of files every time the wallpaper slideshow changes. Unresolved for 3 years, after several major new builds.
  5. I personally do not want to see the recent notebooks list removed, but you can provide an option to show or hide it.
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