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  1. I don't have the money and will not for a whole year, according to Google. I will not use the features at all. Service not provided.
  2. I was not surprised, I was extremely busy. Evernote sent reminders. Every other subscription I have paid allows you to cancel and get a refund. At the time there was no other option but through Google Play. Am I to know telepathically that this had changed?
  3. Google stole my $49.99 plus $1.50 international transaction fee and Evernote is getting a cut of this so benefiting from the proceeds of crime. I do not want another year of Evernote Plus. Google committed a crime and Evernote is complicit in this crime by making Google manage subscriptions. "Google does not give refunds for most Google Play purchases." This is theft.
  4. ^Tumbleweeds are rolling through on this issue like an abandoned cantina. Like in Windows 10 with File Explorer snapping back to the top of a list of files every time the wallpaper slideshow changes. Unresolved for 3 years, after several major new builds.
  5. I personally do not want to see the recent notebooks list removed, but you can provide an option to show or hide it.
  6. Reporting the same problem as sherpacurt and rct. Backspace or Delete keys split the table like the sinking of the Titanic. Not nice when it's my table for bill payments. Will try sherpacurt's workaround. Edit: That worked. It's a good thing I have experience with HTML....
  7. I love the new line spacing. It's not so squashed and mean-looking. But there ought to be the ability to set line spacing according to personal preference, instead of imposing a blanket change on everyone (which I just happened to like better).
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