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  1. Definitely, we are not talking about eyesight issues here. There is something wrong with how the new Evernote manages text size. I would add to the discussion that text size varies according the screen size I have 2 iPads (11 inches and 12.9 inches). Though text size is still comfortable in my 11 inches iPad, that is not the case for the 12.9 inches. Higher resolution on iPad Pro 12.9 inches provokes smaller text on Evernote notes. Other apps are capable to keep text size consistent across devices, but not Evernote. In addition, not having the option to adjust text size is an issue that affec
  2. I’m afraid fonts are not rendered correctly depending on which iPad you use. In my case, with an iPad Pro 2020 12.7 inches fonts o a note turn out to be too small to keep using it comfortably, so I’ve decided not to use it anymore until this issue is addressed.
  3. I hope that the Evernote team is working on this or, at least, have it on their list. Though they say that they want to provide a seamless experience on all platforms, that is hardly the case. Today I realised that the feature we are talking here is available on the desktop version, and does exactly what is expected. I'm afraid iOS versions will always remain behind, so I dare say that such a claim is overstated. At this respect, Evernote team should follow the path of Apple Notes: 2 platforms and the app works exactly the same regardless the platform. Does it sound magic? Not really, it's jus
  4. @PinkElephant, you will not believe it. I've tried your suggestion, but changing font size from the system settings only affects to the list of notes on the left panel, but not to the note itself, that seems to be totally unaffected!
  5. That's sensible at first sight, but for the fact that this issue is only happening in Evernote. Nonetheless I will try, since, as you said, not all apps will be affected by that change. I would encourage the Evernote development team to follow a similar approach as in Apple Notes: it's a very effective solution, to say the least.
  6. Screen resolution is quite an issue when developing software, even more with the existing high screen resolutions in retina displays alike. My Evernote "Normal style" is a Sans Serif font, 16 in size. No issues with that on my MacBook Pro, neither on my iPad Pro 11 inches (2018), but when it comes to the iPad Pro 12.9 inches (2020), the text renders slightly smaller than on the iPad Pro 11 inches, just the exact reduction to be uncomfortable for my eyes. Zooming in with the fingers does not solve the issue, mainly because the app tries to adapt horizontally to the maximum space before pinching
  7. @cmlccie I agree with most of your points. Tables are important and should be better implemented. They look as an old fashion HTML table, while it should be something closer to a spreadsheet or something like that. Styles would also be useful, but we must not forget that the purpose of this app is not to be a word processor replacement.
  8. I also have the same problem. I try to use more the iPad as a laptop replacement in osme circumstances so not being sble to add rows to a table is quite disappointing
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