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  1. It is not. I'm back with a new support ticket because it didn't sync. On the verge of leaving Evernote now! But moving to OneNote isn't very appealing ...
  2. PS I feel the same about Onenote as I did about Hillary - even in distress, hard to like.
  3. It finally worked for me. Get 10.0.4 after completely uninstalling, hard restart of iOS device, download from App Store and leave Evernote open, device connected to power, maximum settings on auto lock. If it stops, force close and try again. Be patient.
  4. It's an interesting question but I wish EN suggested this on install, not after I am 24 hours in and still waiting for my notes to finish syncing for offline. Nevertheless, the sync is glacially slow and I am not traveling anywhere until Wednesday, so here goes.
  5. Glad it is working for you. It is not for me. V10 is so bad, it's driven me into the forums - I am usually a contented user who just gets on with it. I have to agree with Gavin - I am now (reluctantly) looking at OneNote. For goodness sakes, I have ignored ON for the five or so years I've had an MS Office 365 sub, because I'd prefer to pay for Evernote. But I am not here to debug an alpha release.
  6. Fair point. No full offline sync on iOS 12 or iPadOS 12. Not likely to happen right now, but in the past I've been stymied by being on a long flight and not having a synced copy of a note I need.
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