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  1. I finally found a replacement for Evernote Food! Check out the Trip Advisor app! They have a new feature called Travel Timeline and it is actually better than Evernote's platform. You can set it to follow you even with the app closed. It automatically asks you if you are at a certain restaurant and then will automatically add any photos you took there. It doesn't seem to allow much in the way of adding comments but I love it and have started logging all of my restaurant and other experiences there. Worth checking out. And it's free! The Travel Timeline feature appears to only be available on
  2. Snapdish and other apps out there are geared towards sharing, liking recipes, etc. and there are tons of other similar apps and meal loggers that are geared towards dieting and inspiration and timeline sharing instead of capturing memories. am not interested in those apps so much; If I want to post pictures of food for social media I can just use Instagram, FB - etc. (there's also tons of food photo filters out there if that's something you like) But for me -- the whole point of Evernote Food was keeping memories (for me/not social) organized. On social media/other apps... it's jus
  3. Photojournaling is a must. But appreciate you reaching out to us with another option. Thanks.
  4. I agree with the others.. the list of apps suggested aren't useful because the core features of Evernote Food and why people used it was not because of the recipes (there's lots of apps to clip and save recipes) but because of the organisation, geolocation of restaurant info and photos. Evernote itself can tag location in photos but it doesn't it in a useful way and you can look for nearby restaurants, etc. Also, was "IF (IFTTT - if this then that)" included on the list because the word "recipe" was in the description? I can't think of how that app would be useful at all for the Ever
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