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  1. Mannycastaneda, please read the post immediately preceding yours for full details: gock (Marxico's developer) mentioned he's working on that for the next version of Marxico: > For Evernote part, you will be able to directly write and modify Markdown source in Evernote. However it is a long way to go. mickey
  2. Hello I found out about Marxi.co when i was looking for a markdown editor for chromebook. It's great--and now that there's a standalone Mac app I use it there too. One question: I'm not sure if in-line latex was introduced recently, but I realized that I have to escape dollar signs otherwise they are interpreted as in-line markdown. For example if I write "$100 to $200" the "00 to " bit is interpreted as latex. I can get around that by escaping ("\$100 to \$200") but I'm not sure if that is standard markdown and if not, how that will work if a copy my markdown to another markdown editor. A
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