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  1. You mean disable all AppStore updates so EN won't push a half-baked version on their customers, killing their workday?
  2. So, EN just updated for me automatically on the Mac through the AppStore. Now I have a version (10.2 something) that is essentially unusable. No fonts. No tabs. No Cmd-J. No pretty much everything I use on a daily basis. Not only is this a lousy way to treat your customers, it also reminds me that, after years of premium membership, I really have no faith left in EN as a product. Moving to Notion, despite the switching cost. Thank you for what was, under Phil's leadership, a fantastic product.
  3. Thank you for raising this issue. That's exactly how highlighting in the web clipper works and it's lightyears better. Who grabs a highlighter, removes the cap, highlights, replaces the cap and puts it back again for every single highlight? It's just silly.
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