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  1. Thanks DTLow, appreciate the feedback, take care,
  2. last post...I promise... When I save attachments, I first save the file to the desktop, then create a note, pull the attachment in to Evernote (Evernote/Databases/Attachments), then go back and delete the original off the desktop to avoid multiple copies. Is there any advantage by saving the file directly to the Evernote folder where attachments are saved, or will that lead to issues? I'm looking for any process improvements - and thank you to the community in advance - Have a Great Holiday!! Mike
  3. Looking for some guidance on the ability to pin a note at the top of a note list within a notebook. I.E. note would be pinned to top of note list within a notebook, and would remain at the top, regardless of sorting by note date creation, or updated. Thanks, Mike
  4. With Evernote, is there an option to copy the text attributes and apply to unformated text (similar to format painter?) My specific example would apply to multiple headings within a note - apply bold/underline/italic format to first heading, then highlight other headings and apply the same attributes. Thanks for your input. Mike
  5. clipping from Outlook has broke. just updated Evernote to (276665) to try and solve the clipper issue with Outlook.I'm using Office 365see attached screenshot - "internal error"I experience this when attempting to use clipper to grab a simple text email - no HTML, urls, just text.my save to Evernote button within Outloook went from green to gray a couple updates ago (i think)clipper is non-functional at all now.
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