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  1. Just a +1 for this thread. Using Win 10 professional with a Wacom pad; the "ink note" works well, but as previous comentes noted you can't have handwriting and text in the same note - very limiting. Also, does anyone know why the 'annotate' feature doesn't have the same pen recognition that the ink note does? IE if you take a screen grab, paste it into a note, and then try to write something on it with your pen, it's TERRIBLE - I usually get a delay from when I click with the pen to starting the writing - this doesn't happen in other apps (OneNote, Snip, etc.) so it's definitely an evernote specific behaviour. In one of these posts someone recommended this plugin for Adobe: https://www.evermap.com/autoink.asp so instead of using Evernote's Annotate for PDFs I've been using this instead - the only downside is you don't get that nice summary slide of annotations up front. Otherwise, it's a good work around. Has anyone notice that Evernote basically gives no development updates to these forums? This has been discussed for 2 years now ugh.
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