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  1. Guys... I found something I quite like. http://www.myfoodcircle.co.uk/ I have installed it on my Android phone. So far, I cannot backdate entries (not that I want to enter two years' worth of Evernote Food entries) and it doesn't remember locations, but it's looking good. I have sent my quibbles to the developer and asked them to look at Evernote Food, as they are so close! I also find the interface at the bottom of the screen very intrusive, but for food journaling I can take a picture, add a caption, add a place. Yeah, it's got that weight loss and calorie counting stuff I don't want, but
  2. Photojournaling is what Evernote Food is about. I have recipe management apps. I have find a recipe on the web apps. I don't have and can't find another food photojournal, except for dumpkopf ones that think I want to to track my calories. And today i received a reminder about Evernote Food being discontinued. You know what? I officially hate Evernote.
  3. Maybe you can explain how, because Evernote as a great place to capture my favourite meal experiences seriously doesn't work for me. I tried it last night. Hey, what? Your App centre Food Collection has nothing remotely close, sorry. Even if I had an iPhone, I do not wish to browse 17k recipes from the New York Times. I have a grocery list app. I'm not looking for a smart food scale. And the IF app, which is the only Android app, has little to do with recording food memories. For collecting recipes and cooking inspiration, we have Pinterest if we don't already have a recipe app that does
  4. Well, I can find exactly one of MY MEALS in Evernote, and I have nearly two years of documenting them in Evernote Food. If anyone knows of another app, I'm also all for it. Most food journal apps seems to think you're trying to track your food to lose weight. Duh. If anyone has any ideas on how to export these meals from Evernote Food, please share. Perhaps I can set up albums or something. This has really devastated my day.
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