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  1. Evernote for Mac 10.10.5 running on MacOS 11.2.3 When trying to print a Note that is open in its own window, and that window is frontmost, Evernote does NOT print that note, but instead prints whichever note is highlighted in the main Evernote Window. Expected behavior on the Mac is when Cmd+P is pressed, it applies to the frontmost window. Reproduce by: Double clicking a note to open in its own window. Go back to main note list and select (but do not open) a different note Return to the note in the open window and print. Evernote will print the note in the main note list.
  2. Out of disgust with Evernote 10.x (one-to-many-times-finding-that-my-notes-were-not-available), I downgraded to Evernote 7.4.1 Everything was fine, but then I did a clean install of Big Sur, thinking that all I would need to do was to fresh install the Evernote app and sync my notes. But now the way my list of notes is displayed is much tighter (ie: less space between each row) and much less legible than it was in the past. I mostly use "Side List View" so I've got a list of notes within a selected Notebook, and then the note itself to the right of that. The Notes themselves appear correctly formatted. I've looked in the preferences, but the only options for formatting there are for the Notes, not the list view. How can I adjust the formatting of the list view? Thanks...
  3. Running Evernote v 10.3.7 on MacOS 10.14.6 Squiggly lines show up under misspelled words, but CTL-clicking on the word does NOT bring up the Mac's internal spelling suggestions. Is this working for other users? Could Evernote really have release version 10.x with this function broken? (I am prepared for the answer being "yes" and wonder how a software company could be so incompetent?) Thank you...
  4. I'm trying to figure out how my assistant can email me entire webpages (or simplified articles) to my Evernote account using my Mail-To-Evernote email address. I prefer that they do not have full access to my Evernote account, so I dont want to give them my login information. Is there a way to email a webpage/article rather than just the link to it? If not, what other solution may exist to have someone add a page/article to my account without giving them my login? Thank you.
  5. Hi, Long time Evernote user currently running 7.6 on macOS 10.13.6 I can not understand why it is not possible to do the following directly from the main window on the macOS app: - Rename Notebook (by either clicking directly on name, or Ctrl+click to bring up Rename option) - Drag and Drop to move Notebook in or out of a stack (Yes, I understand that Evernote imposes an alphabetical order, but moving into or out of a stack should be allowed) It is necessary to switch to the Notebook view to do either of these. Not a big deal, but why does Evernote insist on such a clunky, non-Mac way of doing things? (Both of these action are standard features of virtually all other macOS applications that have a sidebar+main window interface (Finder, OmniFocus, Mail.app, to name just a few)) Can anyone explain this behavior? (as if anything that Evernote does makes any sense)
  6. Dear Evernote Please REBRAND THE ABILITY TO FORMAT PRINTED NOTES FROM THE MAC !!!! (Or to put it another way, stop wasting time and money "rebranding" your company and put the effort into making a better product. Duh....)
  7. I have a related issue. I'm about to upgrade to v7 (wish me luck) and wanted to make sure I'm safe incase of needing to wipe Evernote and re-download my data from the server. I'm not sure if I have any Local Notebooks, nor do I see any method of finding which Notebooks are local. (For that matter I dont even see an option to create Local Notesbooks on Mac v6.13.3) How can I determine if I do have Local Notebooks? And how can I turn them into Synched Notebooks? Thank you.
  8. DTLow, - Thanks. Just to be clear, will this work (rebuilding database) even if I go back to a pre 7.x version? (ie 6.13.3)
  9. Janstet, Are you suggesting that none of the 7.x releases (even the non-Beta 7.1.1) are worth trying? jbenson2 - Yes, you are right, upgrading to 7.2 beta is not a smart move. Thank you...
  10. Hi, I'm running Evernote for Mac 6.13.3. Have been watching as Evernote released 7.0, and 7.1, but I'm NOT confident that my daily Evernote needs, and my data, will be safe. Is there a way to backup my data and app in such a way that if I upgrade to 7.2 (beta) but it doesn't work, that I can revert back to 6.13.3? (I've been an Evernote Premium Customer for 7 years. What a tragedy that this company cannot properly execute software. Not to trivialize the complexities of software development, but there are plenty of companies who make sophisticated multi-platform apps (OmniGroup comes to mind as does Literature&Latte who makes Scrivener) that WORK. Yes, there will always be bugs, but Evernote seems to have landmine-strewn field full of them. End of rant)
  11. As a daily Evernote user since 2010, a PAYING Premium member, and as someone who, like many users, needs to PRINT our Notes, I find the lack of a feature to adjust margins to be ludicrous. At the very least, Evernote should make the default margins something like 0.5" all around, rather than the childish 1 1/2" on the top and bottom. But why not listen to users real-world needs and allow us to adjust margins as we see fit. Surely it cant be that hard. Why not throw in a "size to page" option while you are at it. With a $1billion valuation, surely you can afford to spend a few dollars on this most basic of features. Come to think of it, calling this a feature is stretching it. I would not call my other text apps ability to adjust margins a "feature", I simply expect them to incorporate this basic level of functionality.
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