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  1. You know that Evernote’s owned PU for a long time, right? And that they’ve done almost nothing with it.
  2. I use goodnotes, too. Any workflow tips between the two? Do you get the GN notes into Evernote somehow?
  3. Came to this forum to make a post and see that it’s already been mentioned. IMHO, pencil support has always been terrible on Evernote and I was hoping that “10.0!!!!” was going to wow me. I actually re-upped not too long ago hoping to find a much improved product. Color me disappointed thus far. Evernote should have been a leader and innovator in the inking space, but they screwed around with a bunch of useless “features” for years and it really shows.
  4. Your last sentence is the one that I am curious about. And yes, I use scannable and it works well. My use of "thief" was a typo. It was supposed to be "their". I'll edit it if i can.
  5. What's the deal with EN and their atrocious support of their apps like penultimate, skitch, and Scannable. I am on the public beta and penultimate can't even get into a more without crashing. I looked to see if there was an update and it hasn't been updated for more than a year. Have they just given up? Inking in EN is barely functional and certainly not worthy of a "premium" product. Am I missing something? Companies are supposed to improve, Evernote has been going backwards.
  6. I am getting .bin files instead of attachments upon import of onenote notes. Not sure if anyone mentioned, but if the file was insterted in to Onenote "as a printout" it will import properly into Evernote. If it was inserted as an attachment, it will import as a .bin file. Checking in to see if anyone has any info on this.
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