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  1. Your last sentence is the one that I am curious about. And yes, I use scannable and it works well. My use of "thief" was a typo. It was supposed to be "their". I'll edit it if i can.
  2. What's the deal with EN and their atrocious support of their apps like penultimate, skitch, and Scannable. I am on the public beta and penultimate can't even get into a more without crashing. I looked to see if there was an update and it hasn't been updated for more than a year. Have they just given up? Inking in EN is barely functional and certainly not worthy of a "premium" product. Am I missing something? Companies are supposed to improve, Evernote has been going backwards.
  3. Thank you so much -I don't know how I never happened upon that article. Evernote's searching of handwriting (my photos of notes) is phenomenal and i didn't want to lose it.
  4. I have been searching for videos and or reviews that address evernote inking on the surface pro and or surface book. Is it accurate that Evernote for windows (Native app or standard windows) does not support the pen and inking? If it does, does that inked note get indexed like a photo of handwritten notes? Same question for iPad Pro. The demo app of EN on iPad Pro doesn't even let you ink. It that because you can't ink in evernote on iPad pro. Is that because you can't do it or that the demo is out of date? All I want is to see is inking and the features that accompany it on the two platforms!! Help?
  5. Hi - thanks for the quick reply. I do have running and that option is unchecked. However, I have not restarted once I verified (can't remember if it was checked or not). Update: I closed the application, moved a pdf into the folder, restarted it, and nothing (not even imported the file as an icon). I checked the settings and the folder that I had set for evernote to watch was not longer in the list. Strange. It was working earlier with no problem. I re-added it, it imported all 100+ notes (not what i wanted :-)), but they displayed properly!! Thanks. I think the trick - with the folder disappearing aside - was to restart the application.
  6. I just recently discovered the 'watched folders' feature and since starting to use it i noticed that all pdf's that are grabbed by evernote in that folder display as attachments (icons). I want them to be displayed in full (as with the 'display as attachment' option unchecked) I have played around in the Tools --> Options --> Note area, but haven;t found a combination that fixes this. When I drag a file to Evernote or right click on one and 'send to evernote' it does it how i want it to. Any ideas?
  7. I am getting .bin files instead of attachments upon import of onenote notes. Not sure if anyone mentioned, but if the file was insterted in to Onenote "as a printout" it will import properly into Evernote. If it was inserted as an attachment, it will import as a .bin file. Checking in to see if anyone has any info on this.
  8. So looking at this post and some others, I put together this method. It is pretty easy and does exactly what I want it to do. It gives me a separate option in the "send to" menu that goes to whatever folder I want - in this case it is my default. It isn't perfect and you have to do it for each PC that you want, but it works whether EN is open or closed and is independent of the last one used. I will clean up the post later. I just taught myself, so i do not have anything properly noted, etc. Let me know if you have any questions. http://wp.me/p6NNIV-A
  9. I just searched for this. Looks like it is still an issue. It would also be nice to use the right-click menu 'send to evernote' and have it all done in the background without having to pop up the EN interface(as an option).
  10. Just thought I'd bump this to see if anything has changed - I still don't see a way to easily zoom out on a picture in the evernote windows Desktop app.
  11. I just tried to uninstall this and it sat on gathering requested information overnight. I then tried to cancel and it gave the following error - actually it gave 6 of them, i only screen-shotted the first one:
  12. If this is possible somehow without jailbreaking - let me know. Otherwise, I am wondering this feature is available after a jailbreak. I want to leave my PIN in place, but be able to leave a quick note in EN. Is this possible with a jailbreak?
  13. I haven't gotten that far - i wanted to see if there was a way to created a template for meeting notes in EN and still use the outlook add-in
  14. Has anyone ever figured this out? The app mentioned above ("Neato"), got pulled by apple (seriously). I want to add a note to Evernote from the today pulldown tab. Does ANY task management or note taking app have this ability?
  15. When I use OneNote to take notes on a meeting that I have in my Outlook Calendar (with the 'meetign notes' option in Outlook), the starting note is arranged in a way that is really useful. It collapses the text of the body of the email, includes the attendees with checkboxes next to the names. It also includes a link to the outlook item (i wouldn't expect this). Is there any way to set this sort of thing up in Evernote via the add-in? Thanks!
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