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  1. Hi, For few last months I've noticed that 'Horizontal line' became invisible. Vanishes when I add it by entering 3x '-' and enter. Vanishes when I add it by clicking on 'Horizontal line' icon. However this object is still present - when I move cursor to it position or when I select whole line. Sometimes I need to click 'Horizontal line' icon twice, sometimes three times before it appears. Current Evernote version -> (307474) Public (CE Build ce-48.0.5483), Windows 10
  2. Yesterday I thought little about this problem and came with this solution Create template noteExport it to ENEX formatFormat this file so that place will be filled with python string format values.Use python file to gather all necessary data and fill template fileImport created file with ENScript.exe importNotes URL which you gave propose similar approach, thank you for it.
  3. Hi, I'm creating multiple notes to track work on similar cases/tasks. Those notes have partially fixed content - like case number, URL, locations, etc. All those information can be gathered with help of script. How can I create new NOTE, populate it with gathered values and store in selected Notepad? Is there standardize way? Or should I create HTML like files and inject them to Evernote as I saw someone did long ago.
  4. Hi, I would like to see option to set list of 2-3 most frequently used fonts. It could be list of fonts which user selected (updated in runtime) or fonts predefined in options (like currently with default font). This way I could use different fonts to highligth different parts of note (like completed, selected, to fix, etc). On second thought - it would be close to styles used in Word like applications.
  5. Hi, I work primarly on Linux, so I'm using Wine to install and use Evernote. Everthing work nice and fine. Linux allows to paste clipboard with mouse middle button. Evernote uses middle mouse button to scroll through notes. Is there any way to change this behaviour? I would be gratefull for any tips to achive this.
  6. Hi, Sorry to hear that. To clarify case further -> I don't want to make WHOLE note read-only. Only some words, like line headers or above example. To achive something like form. I understand that XHTML has those input/combobox entries are prohibited.
  7. Hi, I would like to make/mark part of note as READ-ONLY word or sentences. Belowe is sample note template. I would like to create some kind of protection from accidental remove of some crucial note part. So any words in attached image I would like to make read-only. Is it possible?
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