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  1. When I go to the latest client link I am dropped in to the "previous web client", regardless of platform. As far as I can recall, I have never opted into or out of the beta/latest client. Is this intended behavior? If the "beta" client is no longer considered "beta", should it not be the default?
  2. I see the same "older" client by default on both Chrome and Firefox, on Windows and Mac. In my account settings I see these options. Am I understanding correctly that I should be using the "beta version"?
  3. I don't get an error message on Firefox. It looks the same as when I open it in Chrome. I don't think I've done anything special. Attached censored image. (I lied about add-ons, I do have one but it doesn't seem to matter if it's on or off)
  4. Scott, thank you very much for trying to reproduce and for the contextual information. Is there a timeline on the new architecture? Sounds like it should prevent issues like this entirely. On reproducing the issue: just to clarify, I am using the standard current web client (not "classic" and not "beta") on Firefox 66 with no add-ons, and the mac client version 7.9. I am still able to reproduce. When you say the "old client" are you referring to the current stable web client, or classic? Should we be using the beta instead? Thanks again.
  5. @Scott T. -- the user reply immediately after your comment provides the exact steps to reproduce. It is VERY VERY simple to reproduce. Could you please provide a comment on the current status of this issue? There are many threads on this topic, it is a known issue for many users for at least a year. Thanks.
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