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  1. Business card scanning on iOS and sharing on OSX (to contacts app) have a number of problems. Hopefully these can be addressed in a future update. Scanning in iOS: 1. Company name and title fields often not populated 2. Only part of the address shows up in the address field; zeros in the postal code show up as lower case o's. It seems impossible to insert line breaks into the field once populated. 3. Various pieces of information are often left out, but this varies quite a bit from card to card. 4. Phone number categories labeled on the card in spanish (e.g., "directo," "celular" etc.) are not used to classify the numbers properly in Evernote. (I'm using the English version). Share->Save to Contacts in OSX: 5. Only one line of the address field is imported to contacts. Even copying and pasting manually gives poor results. Usually -- but not when copied from Evernote -- OSX Contacts is able to parse addresses pasted into the address field into the proper subfields: street, city, state, etc. I even tried pasting the address into the Contacts notes field first, then editing there before pasting into the Contacts address field.
  2. Here's another vote for adding this feature -- I could really use it as well.
  3. Thanks. Already tried the first suggestion -- no contact fields were parsed. Could try the second (no need to crop, as the image consists only of the card itself), but it's time consuming and so 1980's. I'm sure the quality of the photo in my iOS album is as good as or better than one that I'd get by scanning a physical card. If only there were a way to persuade Evernote to believe it's an image of a business card, and then parse it. If Evernote iOS allows you to select the document type for photos you take using the app, why not for photos already in the camera roll?
  4. Using either Evernote iOS or Mac, is it possible to import a photo (from photo album or computer file) as if it were scanned in as a business card? When I scan a document with Evernote iOS, I can assign it a document type -- Business card -- and the contact fields will be populated (albeit with varying levels of success). How do I do the same with a photo of a card that has already been taken (or attached via email etc.)? Thanks.
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