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  1. Hey gazumped. Those are items I'm aware of. I think Skitch being a separate product and still supported for Mac makes a case for having this capability in Evernote for Windows and some users do need these items. I must have not articulated the request very well. The screen capture flow is much different in Evernote than it is in Skitch Here's Skitch: http://nimb.ws/d8y6mc Here's Evernote: http://nimb.ws/VrSi3e With Skitch it is easy to annotate, reannotate, and drag and drop the image in one go. I can close the window but bring it back up and easily resume workflow. With Evernote, It brings up two windows (yes I know you can disable that but just wait) and I can annotate but to save the annotations I have to click Save & Exit which closes the window. If I need to reannotate, I have to reference the second window and click on the tiny icon - if I click outside on accident it zooms into the photo. I cannot drag and drop from the annotation window, I have to drag and drop from the second window. If I close out of the window, I cannot easily resume the workflow.
  2. the -archive tag doesn't allow you to tag a whole notebook so you'd have to go through every single note after a long project to tag them archive. Because there's not native functionality of evernote it's not a simple key press like it is in Gmail.
  3. I used to use Skitch for my screenshots and kept the install file for Windows because it was discontinued. I JUST discovered that Evernote does screenshots with all the same features This is not advertised very well. Skitch was decomissioned for years already and I just found out - I think through right clicking the tray icon I loved skitch because you could easily drag the screenshot over to another application. Very helpful when you're submitting something to Slack or a support ticket. Will you guys possible implement this to Evernote's screenshot tool?
  4. Perfect, that fixed it. Any reason why the default hotkey hasn't been changed then? You guys roll out updates like every week.
  5. I see the default screen shot hotkey but after taking a screen shot it doesn't seem to save in the notebook. I checked the default notebook as well as the one I set manually. It only uploads to the notebook if I right click on the system tray icon and click Clip Screenshot. This is Windows Desktop
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