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  1. Is there a way to directly search for specific tags from the main search bar, like the previous versions?
  2. For Evernote Calendar Connector, the reminder set in Evernote results in GCal entry with a starting time when the note was written in EN. Is it possible to make it an all-day event?
  3. Clip Screenshot is the function I use most on EN, I hope the developers would develop a shortcut for this function in Windows 10
  4. Anyone ever tried the handwriting app Papyrus? I think in many ways it is better than the one on Evernote. - feels closer to writing on a piece of paper, also has pressure sensor - lined paper background - page flips to left and right I think Evernote should incorporate these features
  5. When we share a note with photos inside by sending it to a GMail account, when we view the shared note in GMail, the pictures are all blown up (full resolution), instead of nicely resized to the window size. This makes it very hard to see the pictures. So what I had to do now is manually save the pictures to the desktop, and manually attaching them to GMail message before sending it. I think the picture size should somehow be dynamic instead of their full size.
  6. I noticed this happens when the pictures are a bit large (greater than 5 mb)
  7. Has anyone else experienced this? When we upload pictures on a note from a PC, they are only showing partially (1/3 or half) when opened in Android device, and sometimes not showing at all.
  8. No I don't think im running out of space The problem is found both in my Note 2 and Note 8 after the latest update
  9. Yes already tried that. Specifically, the back menu froze (would not let us press the back button) when: - adding a handwriting note - turning the screen off - then turning the screen back on
  10. Has anyone else experienced this? The program keeps on freezing after the latest Android update Specifically everytime when addding handwritten note
  11. Is there a way to Sync Reminders with Google Calendar? Many thanks!
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