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  1. Clip Screenshot is the function I use most on EN, I hope the developers would develop a shortcut for this function in Windows 10
  2. Anyone ever tried the handwriting app Papyrus? I think in many ways it is better than the one on Evernote. - feels closer to writing on a piece of paper, also has pressure sensor - lined paper background - page flips to left and right I think Evernote should incorporate these features
  3. I noticed this happens when the pictures are a bit large (greater than 5 mb)
  4. Has anyone else experienced this? When we upload pictures on a note from a PC, they are only showing partially (1/3 or half) when opened in Android device, and sometimes not showing at all.
  5. No I don't think im running out of space The problem is found both in my Note 2 and Note 8 after the latest update
  6. Yes already tried that. Specifically, the back menu froze (would not let us press the back button) when: - adding a handwriting note - turning the screen off - then turning the screen back on
  7. Has anyone else experienced this? The program keeps on freezing after the latest Android update Specifically everytime when addding handwritten note
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