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  1. This has been requested for over 10 years and with my limited programming skills I believe this could be implemented in a day or two. There could be some backend server database issues but it's not technically hard when they already can use an image, it wouldn't be that much work to make it possible for a user to select it. Evernote is the most shi**y company when it comes to listening to it's users, frustrating and sad. I already use a couple of other services but none is as complete and they know it and just keeps on lazily surfing on their initial success. If I had an option I would leave immediately.
  2. Evernote really doesn't care about their customers. They probably even don't know that have a forum anymore.
  3. This has been requested for years, one that I dearly wanted. It's a pretty trivial thing to implement yet Evernote progress on this issue is like stagnate s**t water.
  4. I recently found Numbusnote, it both supports choosing the thumbnail of your choice and hierarchical folder organisation, both highly requested features for years. I've been a paying subscriber for many years now and I'm feed up with the fact they just don't care to implement any of these fairly simple features, they've been ignoring the community for years now. I'm planing to eventually leave if nothing happens soon.
  5. Last I checked this doesn't work on iPhones. So this is a non valid solution. Also, there is no reason not to support both hierarchical folders and tags. Folder hierarchies give a better overview and it's easier to group them under a common subject and them split them into sub categories, It's way easier for me to find my way to an old note I didn't even know exists in this way. It's also way quicker to just put a note in a correct folder than it is to try and remember which tags I used on some earlier notes a while back in an attempt to group them together. The fact that this and (other features) has been requested over and over gain since 2008 is so FRUSTRATING, Evernote ignores so many simple to implement requests like "Different Colors for Highlighter", "Control Which Image Shown in a Note's Thumbnail/Snippet View" and "Password Protected Notebooks". Either completely say no to them and give a believable and thorough explanation why not or just implement it. I can tell you if a another worthy note taking program showed up I'd switch in a heart beat just to spite you for not listening to your userbase requests.
  6. This feature to be able to choose thumbnail has been requested for many years now. Evernote team doesn't care.
  7. Offline viewing of tags is not the issue per say, you can't view tags as a hierarchy on iOS anyway. But if you could, you could use tags to organize your notes in such a structure, but then again you can't set a tag (acting as a notebook) for offline view on the phone because only a real notebook can be set to offline view.
  8. While I appreciate a possible workaround, this functionality should just be supported naively by Evernote on iOS. I should not have to install a webbrowser when there is an iOS app.
  9. Ah, because I can't use notebooks for hierarchy, I tried to use tags instead, but they can't be sett to offline like notesbooks. I can't organize my notes via notebooks if I want a hierarchical system and I can't set tags (acting as a notebook/folder) to offline viewing on iOS.
  10. Sir, you are spot on. This has become quite an annoyance as the number of notes has increased. I want to organize my photos like this: Photos ├ Travels ├ Countries ├ Sweden ├ Japan ├ etc.. This is not possible as Evernote won't allow me to build an hierarchy of notebook stacks thus forcing me to use tags instead. Apparently this does sadly not work on iOS. Even so there is still a problem with Offline viewing of "Sweden". I can't set a specific tag to offline and thus I have to set what ever folder, say Photos where I stora all photos from all countries, to offline but then ALL of my photos will sync and that would simply not fit in my phones storage. So I would have to specifically break out those tags and put them in another folder to be able to selectively set which tagged photos to show offline, it's doable but not elegant and requires extra unnecessary work. Thus.. You can't organize notes hierarchically with notebookstacks/folders deeper than one level so you are forced to use MANY folder in a flat layout or... Use tags for hierarchically organization, but that is not viewable on iOS, doh! Also tags can't be can't be set to offline viewing, forcing you to again use notebooks instead to organize your notes but then again you can't because of limitations.
  11. While I appreciate the advice on a table of contents solution it's way more work and also not dynamically updated. If Evernote could just allow deeper nesting of notebooks this wouldn't be a problem. I hoped to be able to use tags instead to organize my notes in a hierarchy but they will not show up on iOS outside of a search and that defeats the purpose.
  12. Yes I'm on iOS. Am I in bad luck now? Also because using folders is not an option due to non nesting abilities, can I set a tag to offline view like you normally do with folders?
  13. I'm trying to organize my notes hierarchically. First I tried with nested folders but it's not possible to do so as Evernote only allows one sub-folder level. After doing a search the answer people gave was to use tags as they are possible to nest this way. Great I thought, then I opened my mobile app, then I discover that it's not possible to get a hierarchical view of your tags on mobile the way you do in the desktop app. You only see Notebooks and their folder structure, you also can only set Notebooks to offline view not a tag. So the question is, how do I get a hierarchical structure and overview on to work on both desktop and mobile?
  14. I save a lot multiple image as art references in one notes and I want to be able to choose which image to use as a thumbnail so I can find the note from a quick visual scan. It really should be just a right click on the image and pick as thumbnail. The answer that most people don't select one specific picture may be because you CANT at the moment and even though few request the functionality it doesn't make the request unreasonable. Having to deal with an extra image just to create a thumbnail clusters down the note and it introduces painful extra work.
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