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  1. I get the same thing. Can’t find a vote button.
  2. +1 for collapsible sections. Seems like this has been going on since 2011...... This was a great feature in Lotus Notes when I worked at IBM. I would not call it feature creep.
  3. There seemed to be a bunch of digressions on this thread, but I just got the problem mentioned initially. Everything is fine on my mac and iPad, but on my iPhone when I pull up a note I created, the PDF attachment with it is from some completely different note. It seemed to randomly scramble the note. I guess I am thankful that it did not think that it was an edited version on the iPhone and then wipe out the real one on my mac and iPad. will probably just reinstall Evernote on my iPhone. I also have premium and have my entire database on my 128GB iPhone. This seems to have nothing to do with synching. It seems to be just data corruption.
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