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  1. Problem just started today for me. Is there a suggested response (Always Allow, Deny or Allow) and/or other steps to stop this from popping up repeatedly?
  2. As I just wrote in a similar thread, I got this same error today in a note that was in a local notebook. I exported the note as HTML and then I was able to open that exported file (in a browser) and the entire note was there, albeit without formatting. I also moved the problem note to a regular (not local) folder (where the error still showed), then moved it back to a different local folder and that, too, somehow worked and I got the whole note back, with formatting. I hope one of those works for you.
  3. I just got the same error and, after panicking, I exported the note as HTML and then was able to open that file (with a browser) and got the whole note back (without formatting). That was all I needed, but then I also tried copying the note to a different notebook, where it still showed the error, and then copied it back to a local folder and the error disappeared, and the whole note reappeared with all the original formatting. I have no idea why those two methods worked, and really don't know what the flame war within this thread is about, but I hope the original poster has the same luck I did and gets the note back.
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