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  1. I would almost question whether or not any of these comments are from internal sources such as "P.R" reps within Evernote, but I'm sure I'm wrong. As noted before, I have not been able to achieve simple communications with Evernote for any reason at all. This country has gotten to the attitude of "good enough" or "it will fix itself". That's what I'm gathering here. I don't use enough data to desire an upgraded account, BUT I should be able to access customer service regarding, any issue at all. Be apart of a solution and realize they are not providing support like they should or if you're part of the flock of sheep then I guess don't bother, just the like the rest. Some times what matters is the principal issue, not about your opinion.
  2. A "non-paying" subscriber does NOT have access to email the corporation directly, it only allows the option to post in a forum. A support ticket does not constitute for supplying an email, as the law states as a primarily an "online' entity, they must supply all three components of contact being a physical address, email, and a phone number. In fact the entire law has been reviewed and it is for disclosure of customer data to 3rd party advertisement, however several statements support the relationship between a general subscriber and Evernote. If you wish to see corporations set boundaries around them and not abide by laws, then your interest is not here, by trolling or posting unhelpful comments. The efforts to contact Evernote have been countless with only the option to post in a forum and now I am exercising that option until the company opens their doors to proper communication as they should be. Florida state has already written a specific law that remedies this issue. No one should have to surrender payment information, while personal information is being stored on their servers. While Evernote's system does work well, they should be providing open support to ALL subscribers if an issue or technicality arises. Simply saying, "If it matters that much to you then pay 5 bucks and go premium for a month and open a support ticket." is not sufficient and should not be required to access simple customer support via email for instance.
  3. Please see the thread I've recently opened. There are issues that Evernote has not been held accountable for. It would help for many to gain interest in making Evernote comply. A formal complaint has been filed and they have two weeks to reply with a solution. If such solution has not been reached, further action will be taken. For now the interest of the general subscriber base will be largely helpful in seeking the solution. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86218-evernotes-violation-of-california-law/
  4. This company does not allow communication directly to a representative unless you're a paying subscriber. This company does not allow communication directly to a representative unless you're a paying subscriber. This poses an issue if and when you're storing sensitive and even copy written info on their servers. Furthermore, they should allow contact with a representative if this information is lost due to a server malfunction, or breech. If they allow an open source service and allow placement of data on their servers, it is my belief that access to a solution and or representative to remedy such issues. This request is in conjunction with the California Law -"Shine The light" Law CA Civil Code § 1798.83, which not only protects consumers privacy and how that information is protected, but also how any consumer interacting with a business, shall have "all points of contact" with that business, providing email, address, and phone numbers etc.. Evernote is not following the guidelines of the law. At this point to submit a question, concern, or problem it is in fact required to pay money to contact the company directly while my personal information is populated on their servers. This is outside the bounds to the law, and what I personally believe is fair and ethical. Evernote should be required to abide by the law CA Civil Code § 1798.83, and allow ALL subscribers direct contact to it's customer service representatives, technical specialist, and managerial staff to seek resolutions based on issues involving the subscriber's personal data, and subscription it self.
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