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  1. At least IOS has it. Nah, I've exhausted the search. Wouldn't have started this thread otherwise. More or less telling Evernote to include Android.
  2. Most of my mobile apps can print, Blue Mail, Acrobat, anything with Google Drive and even print directly from my Memorize note taking app.. However the Evernote share function is only to send to another user or group within Evernote. I do a tremendous amount of my business printing directly from a mobile device, and web version is cumbersome to log into via mobile browser and this is Evernote's response to an Android browser (see image below). Not always at the office to print, less than 5% of my time. It's pretty clear after this many years they only develop these functions for IOS.
  3. Currently, after searching for the print function from the Android device, found that there isn't. Please Evernote, apply fundamental function such as printing direct from the device. This should be from "day one" functioning in a note app.
  4. Evernote's Violation of California Law

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