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  1. Hardly a convincing excuse. If iOS has some limitations, just tether this function to the cloud. I can log into EN from the same iOS devices and get the exact same interface/functionality that I do in the mobile app. Which tells me that it can all be done in the cloud. Perhaps it would be slower - I don’t mind that (it is not that fast anyway, now). But keeping the mobile version inferior for so many years is unexcusable...
  2. I am sorry, bu I cannot call this anything else, but a disgrace. What objective reason can there be for ignoring a very speific and concrete feature request for YEARS!? And that’s at the time when resources are spent on ridiculour ‘face-lifting’ exercises... If it has something to do with engineering challanges, people here at the very least owed a detailed explanation by an insider developer, not useless SMM posts by ‘community managers’. I know I am angry here, but I have been a faithful paying customer for many years, and now I am being promted to pay more just to make an ios app home page actually usable. This is a joke.
  3. Aaaaaand two months have passed and still nothing. Honestly, this probably even more aggravating than had they simply ignored this thread....
  4. I have been wishing for this feature for such a long time. And it is a real bummer that the developers are still ignoring this request...
  5. In case anyone is interested, I found the solution myself. Instead of sending highlights via email through a native option offered by instapaper, I opted to https://ifttt.com, which has the same applet but with the necessary functionality. Works like a charm for me.
  6. I have my Evernote and Instapaper accounts linked. So whenever I highlight something in Instapaper the highlight gets automatically imported to Evernote. The one feature I've been missing with this, though, is absence of a URL link to the source were the highlighted text comes from. Is there some way to make sure that the highlight get's imported to Evernote together with the link to the original article?
  7. chinarut, nice idea, but there are some issues: first, the order in which the images are exported/processed in pdf is unclear - I ended up not having an ordered pdf document, but a random assembly of pages. so far the best way to achieve seems to be simply printing document in PDF. On mac that is 'command+P'. Although, if you are printing A4 sized images you are going to loose some space on the margins. anyway, would be great if Evernote responded to this, because ultimately, this has to work in the program itself, without any help from external OS X tools.
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