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  1. This is a perfect idea! All we need next is titles, a way for consistent titles, that's all I want. Bullets we have (* ), Numbers we have (1. ) Bold we have (Ctrl+B), Italics we have (Ctrl+I), Links we have (paste), Checkbox we have ([x]), Rule we have (---), Table we have ([][][]x2). But nothing for titles (We could use Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, etc, OR #, ##, etc). Titles are an essential piece in structure, I'm really fathomed at why that's been left out
  2. I would be very happy with that too. Just something more complete rather than just bullets. All we need next is titles, a way for consistent titles, that's all I want. Bullets we have (* ), Numbers we have (1. ) Bold we have (Ctrl+B), Italics we have (Ctrl+I), Links we have (paste), Checkbox we have ([x]), Rule we have (---), Table we have ([][][]x2). But nothing for titles (We could use #, ##, etc, or Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, etc). Titles are an essential piece in structure, I'm really fathomed at why that's been left out
  3. I was a premium user for the PDF/PPTX functionality (it's laughable in OneNote when PPTX is their own format lol). I don't think I agree. If you set some styling to "Helvetica, Bold, 24pt, Underline" that works fine across different platforms. A styles is a saving of those settings into a drop down that has it pre-set (pre-set by the user) so that when you click "Heading 1" EN automatically sets "Helvetica, Bold, 24pt, Underline". It does not change anything at all as to what is saved on the page as opposed to manually doing it. What it does mean is that I don't have to remember each setti
  4. Yes I have and it's a decent attempt but does not suit the needs. Ideally Alternote would have a Windows client, but that's not going to happen as they are Mac developers, it's continually 'on the roadmap' The problem with Marxico is that you're outside of EN. You don't have the same flow of accessing notes, you have to rely upon search and abstracted note saving etc. The second problem is editing inside EN. You can't do it, for Marxico to maintain control and understanding of the note, you have to edit within it. So when moving to a phone, you're screwed. For doing a quick update, c
  5. Predefined (even customisable predefined) styles is the definition of basic. What EN is doing now is allowing complexity by having so many different fonts, sizes, colours, bold, italics on each and every line. That's not a bad thing as an option and would not take that away, but it is definitely not what I would class as basic notes. All that we are asking for is to be able to save a favourite combination of those into a style. So that all of my headings are consistent, and I don't have to spend time managing them etc. I agree we're probably never going to see MD support, as it
  6. @ruudhein I see your point, though don't fully agree. MD can be done without altering the text displayed, in a live systax highlighting way. So if you type 'hello' you see exactly that. But if you type **hello** you see **hello**. This doesn't need a separate viewing pane, nor does it require users who don't use it to even know it exists. The structure of markup is such that a non-MD user wouldn't be having those in their text anyway. In the end, the goal of MD for me is to have a consistent formatting. I wan to do #Heading, ##subHeading and it be consistent across each and every no
  7. I'm late to the party I know... The whole point of this area of the forum is for making feature requests, and Markdown is the highest voted feature request. I think there is simply a lot of frustration that people feel ignored by Evernote on their own platform.
  8. I'm late to the party I know... Evernote Markdown support is the top voted feature request in this forum, with hundreds of votes over a year, and no sign of any support coming. If you read the thread, it's quite big, there is a lot of people asking for it but no responses from Evernote. There is even some comments which could be rephrased as "F*** you, it doesn't have it, go away and use something else". I seriously question Evernotes customer practices when they are simply ignoring what people are asking for. I no longer pay for Evernote as I am considering my options.
  9. There are 2 ways to accomplish this: Click Notebooks from the sidebar, then click into the search box. 2 clicks, hands leave keyboard and return. Press F6 (Windows, Mac may vary), then type your search. 0 clicks, hands stay on keyboard.
  10. I did not know about those, thank you, it is improved. The regedit information for that is from 2014, weird that it's been there but not rolled out, it's a lot better. It's not perfect, I still think the file menu is pointless being shown 100% of the time. Thank you once again
  11. Timing can be critical with AHK, as it happens almost instantaneous and people are much slower (tip below for this). I tested this and have a fix which doesn't use the clicks. The use of clicks is dangerous when using variables like that, as on different screen sizes and window positions the values can change. With that I prefer to avoid using them, I don't want to have to recreate all scripts if I change my screen or use another computer. I have added a delay before sending the enter key, which gives Evernote 1sec to get the right notebook up and then sends the enter key on the complet
  12. Please if you do implement Markdown support keep the plain text aspect that we love of markdown. That is please don't convert the typed text, just the styling of them. Example Markdown: Output should be It should not be this. Because it makes it very difficult to edit it again, if I want to change the title then it no longer has the #'s which I can increase or decrease the number. This is just a formatting shortcut, it does not preserve the markdown, and the point of markdown is to be readable plain text markup. Look at the way Marxico does this, it's beautiful to
  13. That is very true, but not everyone has Excel (yep there are free variants). I have it on my work PC but not personal. It's also a very large program and UI to load up for keeping track of simple math alongside content (perhaps a furniture build project, calculating parts cost alongside images of them and information of how to do it). Also it doesn't fit into the note as nicely as it could do, if you've used OneNote it has this functionality without complication. Typing 72*4= Results in 72*4=288 I usually don't mind doing it in my head, but for some things I do use the cal
  14. It is possible, at least if you're creative enough. Look into the program called AutoHotKey (Windows only, don't know of a Mac variant). In that you can assign any hotkey of choice to do a set of tasks, so you can make it do the commands to tag as read and move to articles. However, you would have to script this yourself. It would be something like this: ^+1:: ; Hotkey is Ctrl^ Shift+ 1 Send ^!t Send {tab 3} Send read Send {enter} ControlClick, Ok Send !+m Send articles Send {enter} return Good luck I don't know if you can change your title at this point, but I would
  15. @alternote Christmas 2016? In all seriousness, are there any plans for a Windows client, or has that been scrapped. Please just let us know, I just want to know.
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