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  1. Thanks, Marcus! Looking forward to using the Zoom feature. What's its status on the PC version? --Dave
  2. Hi Marcus, Any news on the zoom feature that many of us have requested. We're getting restless. Thanks, Dave
  3. Personally, I'm okay waiting because (if you look back to November 2015) Marcus explained that this thread had not been spotted by EN until recently. Marcus polled users in November and seemed to be genuinely engaged in finding the right solution. If you do want to get more attention, Marcus suggested the following. That might be better than Twitter, but that's just me. Best, Dave
  4. This post states my needs to a 'T'. Whether this means #1 (vertical scroll only) or #2 (vertical and horizontal scroll) I'm not sure. As the previous commentor noted, there are times when zooming in or out on pdf-type content would be advantageous which suggests #2 I think. And thanks for addressing this issue!
  5. Another strong vote for zoom. Yikes, people, it's 2015. What could be more important?????
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