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  1. Perfecto! Even faster/easier than a formatting button. Thx.
  2. I'd like to be able to 1-click add a Line Divider, a feature I use daily in the full web version of the software. In the full web version, Line Divider is found right next to the bullets and checkbox in the formatting menu. Please add this to IOS! It's very helpful to section of discrete areas on a note.
  3. Thanks @SoftwareMarcus! That is IT! Folks, I just downloaded and this is the feature that I and many in this forum have been waiting for ZOOOOOOOOM IS HERE. Thank you Marcus. Thank you Evernote! I'm tossing my cheaters!
  4. @SoftwareMarcus There are many of us Mac users interested in a Zoom feature like almost all apps on Mac use (Command+ to zoom). Can you please give us an update that this idea is being reviewed or hopefully designed against at this point? Thanks!
  5. Good call @teamplay OK. I'll lay off the Twitter idea. It's just that I seem to continue getting updates on this idea from the forum without action for sooooooo long. I'll reply to the thread from Marcus as you suggest. Thanks.
  6. May I suggest that we all take to Twitter? Posting requests and inquiries on the main @evernote Twitter account will be much more visible than being buried in this forum which is not getting the response that loyal customers deserve. If each of us on this thread resolved to post 1 tweet per week that should turn up the volume. "@evernote"
  7. Marcus, AWESOME having a response to this. Your #1 is JUST what I'm looking for. Simple. Reflow. Flow back when zooming back out. Just like Gmail does with Command + / Command - I'd say keep it simple and roll this feature out and you'll catch 75% of people's requests here. Then you can fine tune from there.
  8. +100000000000. Must have zoom. Thought we'd get in update this week. No dice. Please Please say it's in the next one. This product will be perfect when you add it.
  9. + 10000000000. New version out this week. Does NOT have Zoom? Please put this at the front of the roadmap. It's a basic function that EN is lacking.
  10. Can someone from Evernote please respond to this? Is this on the roadmap? If so, when can we expect to see a zoom function (Command +/-)?
  11. Yes This would be a very useful enhancement for all users. BIG +1
  12. Y-E-S !!! Power to the People! Evernote ROCKS. Highlighter function is now here!!!
  13. Have the same problem. Just found out you can disable the "related notes" function by "un-checking" the option in your preferences. Ta-da!
  14. Could not agree more. Evernote must add Highlight Text Function to Mac version. Was soooo disappointed to find it was not rolled out with version 5. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!
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