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  1. +1 – it´s a shame that whatever you have in Evernote, doesn´t work outside of it – that is already OCR´ed files, that can´t be used again on the outside with text search. (just a waste of ressources on all sides in the end, it seems; and it makes Evernotes role in any use-ecosystem weaker) 1) user satisfaction/happiness + loyality 2) keeping up with OneNote
  2. ... and does anyone know why I get a nice preview of "related notes" (strictly own notes!) when I use the webclipper... ... but then can´t see those notes as related content once the content is *in* EN???
  3. .... ok, here a PS to e) and the question of contextual relevancy of *own notes* –which to my mind should unquestionably take precedence over external sources (that is if you are really not into this for advertising): there is the wonderful function within EN to index several notes into another index-note. so far so nice! – now, if you go on either the index-note or the notes indexed their most intimate relation does not show up as relevant contexts to each other :-o so if this is not context, ... then what is? :-} – and again you wonder about the criteria/mechanics of contextual relevancy here in general... vb!
  4. hey, a) I like context b.) I think it´s decent in implementation, and no intrusive layout (not close to the talk of 'pop-up') c) I am not sure about the data personal integrity, but for the moment take ENs word on it... hm... d) what I am sure about is that 'selling' these kinds of sources as "most needed" and "relevant to research" is kind of lame to ludicruous. it supposes that all the world doing *research* is either into *Californian technology StartUps* or into *Wallstreet economics*, resp management. to not have *relevant*, *trustworthy*. *quality* sources there like Wikipedia, Science, Physics.org, Guardian, BBC, Global Voices and generally any non-US sources is just all about a blinkered "world-view" that does not really have to do with *research-relveancy* in any real, profound meaning – I hope this will get really serious by incorporating scientific, cultural, civil-society, globally diverse information... e) someway to finegrain *scope and criteria of relevancy* of own(!) notes would also be nice. at the moment it works ok... but remains "obscure" in criteria of "similarity".
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