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  1. I'm glad it is gone. It interfered with https://markdown-here.com . Which does a much better job of markdown. If it is brought back (re-enabled), please make it optional.
  2. I've been test driving Dropbox Paper for the last month. It's not an Evernote replacement yet, but it has a lot of features some of us have been wanting for a long time. - Tables that work - Timestamps - Headers - Automatic TOC based on headers Just to name a few.
  3. Some tips to get MarkdownHere working again. When using ``` specify a language, or none if you don't want syntax highlighting. This will prevent Evernote from automatically creating code blocks. For example: ```python x = 1 if x == 1: print("x is 1.") ``` or ```none x = 1 if x == 1: print("x is 1.") ``` When use using ` for inline code use leading and trailing white space around your text. For example: ` ps aux | pyp "line = x.split()" "print(line[1], line[-1])" | grep worker `
  4. My workaround is to use the old Evernote web.
  5. When I'm pasting code into code blocks I'm losing my indentation. See attachments. I previously used Markdown Here for creating tables, headers, and code blocks. My frustration is that when Evernote added code blocks (` and ```) Markdown Here no loger worked properly with Evernote Web, but Evernote's implementation is far from a suitable replacement. Either do it right, or allows us to use plug-ins that will.
  6. Highlighting works on old Evernote Web, but not new. This highlighting problem only pertains to notes that are Evernote Handwriting, scanned notes (pics of typed printouts, white boards pics, pics of ink notes, etc.), and Samsung S Notes. I suppose it would be easier to say that highlighting is not working for text in attached images.
  7. Has anyone noticed that searched words are no longer highlighted when searching scanned documents or Evernote Handwriting?
  8. We all know that tables with Evernote web are horrible. So I've been using Markdown Here for creating all of my tables (which I do a lot). However, recent updates have made "Markdown Here" unusable. Evernote took away my ability to use full markdown, via third party, but didn't make full markdown available natively.
  9. I have the same issue with scan quality on the Galaxy Note 5. Evernote scan quality has never been great on Android, but seems to have gotten worse when they added automatic mode. For me, Evernote scanning on Android is unusable. I now do all of my scanning with CamSanner. I get great high quality scans every time.
  10. Turns out this was an Android issue. 7.9 beta 2 resolved the problem.
  11. I made a note change on Evernote Web (beta), but changes are not showing up on Android (7.9 beta 1.1). Both Evernote Web and Android have the same update timestamp, but different content. I've posted this to the Android Beta site as well, since I don't know which beta is causing the problem.
  12. When using "Insert From Drive", I have to click the button 3 to 4 times before it works. When it does not work I get the attached error.
  13. A word of caution... If you have been using Markdown Here to edit your notes using markdown, you won't be able to edit your old markdown notes. You also won't be able to create new notes using Markdown Here when the beta in enabled. Attached are errors you will see.
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