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  1. Great suggestion! I logged out (not just closed EN) , reopened, logged in - and I'm creating additional notebooks beyond 250 - without warnings or issues. Oh, the Heady freedom! Thanks EN for responding to our requests for this increase. Philip
  2. I was at 249. After I updated, I right clicked a Stack, and "Create Notebook in ...". The Message I get is "You cannot create more than 250 synchronized notebooks. Please delete some of the existing synchronized notebooks and try again." It occurred to me that EverNote might have be trying to save me from myself. I have another machine with an older (so still 250 limit) version of Evernote connected to the same account. I update that one just noew to (307953) Prerelease (CE Build ce-53.4.6770) -- its on Windows 8.1, But trying to add a Notebook to the same stack as before creates the same message as above. The version of EN on my Windows 10 machine is (307934) Public (CE Build ce-53.4.6700) and clicking Help\Check for Updates on that machine assures me I have the latest update. I'll try again in a few days.
  3. I've moaned about the 250 limit on notebooks on this thread before, so very excited to hear about increase to 1000. So took the dangerous step of updating Evernote for my Premium account on my Windows 10 PC, but, after installing, it just told me that i can not have 250 notes. :-( What gives?
  4. Good work with 16.3 Beta 3. It fixed the blue box issue, the apple font issue and a weird issue i had with Chat where my chat content just displayed F-8. Thanks!
  5. Evernote released 6.13 Beta - - and their claim that it fixed the blue box note bug, the applefont bug and for me a problem with Chat where the chay just shows F-8 seem true, Give it a try!
  6. When I started , I used Evernote for myself, synched across multiple machines. I used a mixture of tags and notes. Once I was confident with how useful Evernote was, I started using it will collaborators. I quickly realized a) Evernote sharing mechanics were horrible b) could only share notebooks, not tags. Evernote really improved their sharing mechanics, but left us in the lurch with no tag sharing and the 250 notebook limit. I maxed out three years ago. Problems with living with this limit: a) as someone above wrote, Evernote does not make it clear which were the added notebooks that put you over the limit. If you deleted notebooks to make room, the synch gets stuck if it you added 1 notebook having deleted 5, but it saw the add as happening first.. And as i synch across multiple machines that I work on simultaneously, , thing can get horrible. b) I just spent an hour with a colleague trying to figure out why i couldn't see his newly shared notebook. We're pretty sure now that though I had made room by deleting some notebooks, sync is convinced I'm over limit again again. But what really bugs me is that he didn't get any message that the Notebook had failed to share, and I got no message that someone had tried to share a notebook with me but couldn't. He is an older gentleman and assumes that he erred somehow when tech doesn't work. I'm assuming that EN wants us to use EN to collaborate. i've brought them 6 paying customers over the last 3 years. Its how you grow a paying network. But I am now open to new knowledge organizing and sharing products - i just haven't found one half as good as EN. OneNote -- ha, ha, ha:-(. Philip
  7. Seems that there are two levels to this --apple--system font bug. Some can edit bits of their notes, but other like me can only edit the title of a note, rendering Evernote unuable. I also had suffered from the blue box bug from the previous release, so wonder if those users with the extreme version of this bug also had the blue box around your notes issue? I reverted back to 6.6.4 and things are fine again. I'm on Windows 8.1 Pro.
  8. I too has the blue note bug, then installed this morning to the next release hoping it might fix that only to encounter the --apple-system-font weirdness, which made Evernote unusable. . Uninstalled Evernote, downloaded 6.5.4 its Evernote Release blog page (below), and all is good, though a little behind. Hope Evernote starts working on these two bugs.
  9. +1 to this request. I sometime use the trick of sending my EN an email with a background page color so I get a colored note, but the thumb print doesn't show as colored and that defeats a major objective of the effort. For like many others on this topic, I'd like to use color to help me quickly scan for key notes. Its clear each note can support a background color setting, so hopefully giving us the ability to set a color can't be too hard? Philip
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