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  1. It seems Evernote is reducing functionality to match Evernote on the Mac. Over the years I have gotten a bunch of Mac users to adopt Evernote, but it was always so clunky to explain to them how to do things like rename notebooks, because right clicking was not made available to them in the Mac version. Looks like Evernote has decided to make the Windows and Mac versions converge by a least common denominator approach. This is unfortunate. The core concept of a graphical user interface is that you see something of interest, and you interact with it to explore, edit it or activate it. Right clicking was an obvious action for a hand on a mouse, double clicks good too. Now, with the new Evernote, you see/find a notebook in the sidebar, and realize you should change its name. Stop -think what type of things this is - a note book. Traverse the GUI to find where Notebooks can be managed - the Notebooks root. Which, if you are a long down your sidebar, will be off screen. But navigate there. Then find the note book you wanted to work on (not helped by the bizarre defaulting inside Note Books) , then finally right click it. Clearly a more efficient interface than right clicking the Notebook in the sidebar. Many thanks to DTLow for describing the new required SOP! - I was stumped. Had not thought of the sad Mac SOP.
  2. Good work with 16.3 Beta 3. It fixed the blue box issue, the apple font issue and a weird issue i had with Chat where my chat content just displayed F-8. Thanks!
  3. Evernote released 6.13 Beta - - and their claim that it fixed the blue box note bug, the applefont bug and for me a problem with Chat where the chay just shows F-8 seem true, Give it a try!
  4. Seems that there are two levels to this --apple--system font bug. Some can edit bits of their notes, but other like me can only edit the title of a note, rendering Evernote unuable. I also had suffered from the blue box bug from the previous release, so wonder if those users with the extreme version of this bug also had the blue box around your notes issue? I reverted back to 6.6.4 and things are fine again. I'm on Windows 8.1 Pro.
  5. I too has the blue note bug, then installed this morning to the next release hoping it might fix that only to encounter the --apple-system-font weirdness, which made Evernote unusable. . Uninstalled Evernote, downloaded 6.5.4 its Evernote Release blog page (below), and all is good, though a little behind. Hope Evernote starts working on these two bugs.
  6. The link to 6.5.4 seems to be -- and this version definetly fixes the blue box problem on Windows 7 - Joy!!!!!
  7. +1 to this request. I sometime use the trick of sending my EN an email with a background page color so I get a colored note, but the thumb print doesn't show as colored and that defeats a major objective of the effort. For like many others on this topic, I'd like to use color to help me quickly scan for key notes. Its clear each note can support a background color setting, so hopefully giving us the ability to set a color can't be too hard? Philip
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