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  1. 9 hours ago, Mike P said:

    I am still very concerned at the speed of any multiselect action. e.g adding a tag to a number of notes, merging etc. It seems not to be linear but take much longer than n x the time for one. I think you are right it's doing it on the cloud. Simply adding a text string  ten times to a local database could not possibly take over 10 seconds. 

    I agree this is my number one concern right now. My use model directs nearly all my newsletters, feeds etc. into a few notebooks on Evernote. I then process these as time permits. The net is that I delete a lot of these. Deleting is very slow, and hugely slow as you select more notes. Moving is equally slow, which another common use model for me.

    Regarding the cloud activity--I tested with completely offline an it is still slow, so I'm unsure if that is actually a contributor.


  2. 17 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    Mac users are familiar with the separate folder for each note; it doesn't slow processing
    Version 10 has one big .sql file holding the all note enml code and metadata
    It's no longer sqlite database storage which might add overhead to processing

    Definitely getting rid of the sqlite dB is important to Windows; it was a major performance problem with larger dBs. The folder per note should not be a big deal on most Windows systems. I think the slow ness is they aren't cacheing, and it's talking to the cloud all the time, but that's just a theory.  It has already improved as far as I can tell, so I feel things are heading in a good direction, and they are removing some structural barriers to making the Windows experience better.

  3. On 10/20/2020 at 6:45 PM, DTLow said:

    I wouldn't have expected a significant GB total
    My Mac experience is from  15.45 GB 183,009 items
                                                  to 13.55 GB   97,195 items

    I think one of the long-standing issues on Windows is the use of a MySQL database which was not only underperforming but inefficient.  When I calculate the avg. PDF size for the number of PDFs I have, which are the main attachments I tend to have, it is more consistent with the new storage than the old value.

    I did confirm Mike P's update that the MIME contains the file type and the file is of that type, so I do indeed have all my PDFs in a relatively accessible form, as well as all other attachments. 

    I agree w/s2sailor that I'll not throw away all copies of that old db just yet...

    Thanks for all the help here, folks.

  4. 3 hours ago, s2sailor said:

    If you want to get rid of the pre-v10 files, then the .exb will be the main one.  Go to Tools -> Options -> General to find the location.

    That said, if you haven't been using v10 long, you might want to hang on to your "legacy" version for a bit longer until you are comfortable that v10 isn't missing anything you need and that you are ok with the performance.  It is pretty stripped down at the moment and most users are finding it slower.  In some cases, painfully.

    Yes, it's a huge change, and I get what they are doing, but I think this was awfully early to release it.  Watched a very recent interview w/the CEO and he's pretty in-tune with the issues but doesn't see any other way.

  5. 3 hours ago, CalS said:

    Someone else posted this but you could give it a look see.  C:/users/youraccount/appdata/roaming/evernote

    That does seem to be where the new app is using storage. An issue is back in the old app, which definitely had file access performance issues in Windows, the actual attachments were stored. That mean, theoretically, I could get to PDFs, of which I have a lot in EN. Now, I don't see anything identifiable as such.

  6. 15 hours ago, MarcSant said:

    Hi buddy! 

    I don't have a lot of notes, the total space consumed by Evernote database is around 3GB. The most of them are text notes, in a mix of SQL scripts, source code, etc. I got around 5, 6k of individual notes.  Some of them (a minor) contains videos, photos and PDF files.

    I'm still trying OneNote, since it get a huge interface revamp, and now the free version relies 100% in the cloud: there is no  (just the cache) files in your disk, so I believe that this is the reason for the very slow sync speed compared to Evernote.

    The tags are migrated as a annotation in your 'new' OneNote note. In the more recent migration tool the tags are not converted in a real tag in OneNote, but the note are "tagged" with a text mark in the note itself. Microsoft have been promised that the new OneNote version that will came in a near future will have tagging like Evernote, but I don't know when this will occur. 

    But, the most absence in OneNote is the ability to sort Notebook notes. It's what's bothering me the most. The mobile (Android app) suffer from sync slowness in the same way as the Desktop does, I really don't know if this is because the hotel infrastructure that sucks (I'm away in a business travel) or the sync slowness are part of the product... In a few days I will give to you a most recent feedback, and sorry for my poor english... 😉

    Thank you for this.  I'm on the other side of the spectrum--I have over 30,000 notes, and probably 1/3 have PDFs.  In my early use of Evernote I saved PDFs to my drive and used the feature that automatically imported things from selected folders.  However, eventually I gave way to just clipping them, since it is very efficient to do so, and now I would guess the majority of my PDFs only exist in Evernote.  My main database is about 20 GB on my local drive.  Sounds like moving to OneNote would not be a net plus for me.

  7. 20 hours ago, MarcSant said:

    I'm migrating all my content to Microsoft OneNote. There is an importer tool (Windows) that migrate all your notes in one single operation. To do that, you need the Evernote Classic Windows Desktop Version installed. 

    And, OneNote had a very great web clipper tool, that just WORKS and capture almost everything that I need. I have a Evernote account almost from 10 years (since 2009), and I really feel that the company is somewhat lost: the most annoying bugs that drives me crazy are forgotten and the developers seems to unable to fix them. A SINGLE web clipper issue that is almost SEVEN FUC@!*&&*¨# MONTHS are open without solution till now. It's appears that they are giving a sh*&#@t to users problems. It's really sad that in the past years Evernote has been my loved app, and now days I really don't recommend it to anyone.

    I'll give the version 7.0 a shot, but meantime I'm migrating all my notes to OneNote, and starting using it even the 7.0 comes to our aid and save us, but, to be honest, I don't believe in miracles, and this should be a miracle to force me to continue using Evernote. 

    Hey Marc--could you describe how large your data are; i.e. roughly how many notes, how many have attachments, and how the migration has worked for you regarding preserving notebooks, tags, attachments, etc?  I'm really interested in your experience as most of the time it seems people around here consider OneNote a poor substitute. (Note to all--I'm not stating a fact or attempting to be critical, but that is my rough impression after reading here for years, so if you disagree and love OneNote I'd love to hear that, but please don't light me on fire for that remark!).

  8. I'm still using 6.16.4 Windows client--it's laggy as it has been for years, but stable.  I quit using iOS a long time ago as sync kept going haywire--too bad, I liked to use my mobile to catch up in the evening.  So that's about 40% of functionality lost to me.  I'm hopeful as always.  I lost a bunch of stuff last year when I discovered a bug in EN after making several notebooks local trying to improve performance.  Way back, they tried what I felt was wrong-headed on-demand sync, and when I made notebooks local, all the unsynced notes content were lost.  Support helped me find a backup I had made and it is possible to repair them ONE BY ONE, and as they are old archive for client work I have not taken the time.  Every so often I look at that folder of an old dB on my desktop, and think, someday.  I don't feel I have the time to try other solutions and work through all the issues--my notes are heavily populated with PDFs so any migration has to do that automatically or it's DOA.  I played with Notion, and see the updates, but haven't had time to try the more recent migration options to see if I could really do it.  Given that I no longer do multi-device thanks to the iOS issues (for me) and I'm a one-person company, I could downgrade to non-premium, I suppose.  However, the real thing that holds me back is the web clipper and ability to route emails into EN.  The latter let's me subscribe to all manner of industry stuff I use for my consulting and then organize it in one place, vs. going to email then going to something else.  The former is how I get pretty much all other content, aside from occasional PDFs that I cannot directly clip as PDF for some reason.  I had a CEO once who said a company should only deliver enough value to customers to prevent them from leaving for the next best option, and keep the rest of the value for the company.  This seems very much like that.

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  9. 1 hour ago, CalS said:

    I can see how it would be.  Of my notes 21,451 contain PDFs.  Data base is 20 GB.  Hardware is 6+ years old, 2.6 GHz, 8 GB RAM Lenovo X230 with SSD used in a docking station.  Running Windows 10 Pro, 1809.  SSD solved any performance issues I had back when.  Feeling fortunate I suppose.  Don't know what the secret sauce is...

    I have been working towards getting a memory and SSD upgrade for my laptop; maybe soonish.  I hope it helps, but even if not, I want it for other reasons.  I'm actually pretty happy with the version I'm running; it's almost as if everyone needs to find their own sweet spot and just stay put, ignore the updates for as long as possible, etc.

  10. 17 minutes ago, chronistin said:

    I have ~ 22000 notes, about 50% of them with one or more attachments. Performance problems on windows started about 2 years ago. Contact with support as well as following the forums did not resolve the issue permanently.

    Reindexing the database makes it slightly better - for a few days. Not gonna reindex once a week.

    Removing and reinstalling (and redownloading all the data) makes it much better -  for a week or 2. Not gonna reinstall twice a month.

    Moving the db to ssd (as someone suggested in the forums) did not make a difference. Moving it back to hd because someone else said that was not a good idea to host it on ssd did not make a difference either.

    Hardware is 3 years old, i7 with 4GHz and 8 GB RAM, harddisk has more than 50% free space, no problems with gaming (eg cities skylines which is a known to be huge ressource eater) and video rendering. 

    It's frustrating. 

    Pretty much my identical scenario, except I have 27,000 + notes, and many thousands have PDFs attached.  Several open tickets for "not responding" issue with the usual rebuild dB, change settings, etc.  Nothing worked.

    I'm currently using (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897) which is the best I've had in a year or more, and I have refused the last several updates, afraid to try them.  There are a few bugs in this version but it seems stable and doesn't hang as much as earlier "bad" versions.

  11. On 11/20/2018 at 9:35 AM, michaeljsw said:

    I am very sorry you are facing this issue, this is actually a known issue that the development team is aware of, and hopefully a fix will be released soon for that.
    I do not have an ETA for a fix date, as the development team is not sharing their development roadmap. I know this might not be the answer you hoped for but at least I hope that clarifies the issue.

    FYI, the above is boilerplate.  I've been sent this exact text several times.  Not clear if the expert knows anything.  

  12. On 11/17/2018 at 6:52 PM, GMacdonald said:

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, you posted the exact link for getting online help and creating a ticket that will not let me in. Let me explain: when I go to that link, and I am already signed in to my account, Evernote opens up a page that says "you have been logged out." When I try to log in again, it sends me to the same page, "you have been logged out."

    This has been happening to me for about 2 years, with no fix.  I resort to finding an email of anyone at EN who contacted me and going that route.

  13. Just a couple thoughts from my perspective.  I'm an independent consultant and have used Evernote for several years in my business.  It helps me organize information in projects, create some documents (although I do that mainly in other tools), and importantly collect things from the web like articles, pdfs, images, etc. that are relevant content.  Importantly is the ability to search (which I wish was much more powerful than it is) and access content at any time (even years later for some projects) as well as the automation that associates the original web address with the content, in case I need to verify it is the same, as well as provide references (many reports I write require referencing all external content--clients want that).  So, it's important to me and deeply integrated into my work and therefore my livelihood.  Having framed it that way:

    1) If I had it to do over I would have a more robust way to independently access the content, in the event of issues, closure of EN, etc.  Unfortunately, I have a very high % of PDFs in my data, and the export to HTML does not address that.  Going back and matching PDFs with content is a pain I hope I don't have to face.  The reality is then that I could go to another platform but probably would NOT migrate legacy projects.  Therefore, under almost any scenario I see myself continuing to use the Windows client for a long time.

    2) Considering what using it ongoing might mean in the scenarios some of you have painted, I have convinced myself of the following: absent a complete shutdown of Evernote and therefore their servers, I expect I could freeze my setup at the version I use now and I could use that for years at least.  My reasoning is that any company is very unlikely, even if they decide to roll out completely new clients to all platforms, to cut off the existing users very fast.  However, that day could come, but it would give me a lot of time to figure out what's next.  I'm "relatively" happy with Windows 6.16.4 and have stopped updating for now as it seems stable enough and the pathologies (bugs or "features") I don't like are things I can live with.  It's better than it was last summer, so my trend has been positive.  

    3) Some of you may recall that EN DID roll out a Windows client that looked and worked almost the same as the Web, and the user community revolted and they relented.  That version was never to be seen again, as far as I can tell.  I would be astonished if they did that again.  I take the blog comments to mean harmonizing feature sets, not necessarily code, but I could be very wrong.  However, if they really try to go with one version, for me, if it WORKS, is reasonably "not slow", and doesn't crash or lose data, I'll probably be OK.  Some years ago I was firmly in the camp of "no web-only apps for me", as I wanted "control" of having local data etc.  However, over time I've become converted.  Examples include Wunderlist (although Microsoft may yet ruin that!), Toggl, reddit, Linkedin, Slack, and Twitter.  Although some of these have Windows clients or "Windows apps", I stopped using them as, for instance, the Windows Slack app is a memory hog, and it runs fine in my browser.  I have the reddit app on my iOS devices but use it in-browser otherwise.  Toggl and Wunderlist have never had Windows native clients.

    At any rate, I'll keep hoping for the best.  I do appreciate the points of view here as I would not have interpreted things in the ways that some of you have, and it has given me some good insights.  Nonetheless, if I don't work I don't get paid (at all!) so I'll stop rambling and go back to work, including with Evernote.

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  14. So I was running 6.14 beta something and it was quite good.  I had a problem where content being emailed into my default notebook corrupted another note (content was replaced and was not in history), and support asked me to go to 6.15 beta 2.  It has been terrible.  It crashes constantly, it hangs (6.14 seemed pretty fast), and I found some sync issues.  So, my question is would you all suggest I go to 6.15 GA, or go back to the 6.14 beta I liked?  Other than losing the branding and templates, there is nothing in 6.15 I think I need.  Are there likely problems going backwards?

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