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  1. Well I just discovered that the desktop client DOES have an undo function (in the menu as well as CTRL-Z). Don't know why I couldn't find that the other day. Also, CTRL-Z does work inside the web client, even though there is no menu function for Undo in the web client. I swore I looked for an Undo the other day, and couldn't find it. Maybe it was because I was just in the web client at the time, and CTRL-Z is not a natural thing for me to do. I didn't even realize that was a "standard" until recently. Learned something new today. It has been a good day so far.
  2. Similar to the OP, a feature that would make Evernote extremely useful would be the ability for it to recognize words, word combinations, or even symbols drawn or images to utilize that information to auto-file a note into a specific notebook (and auto-name the note, too). Similar to the way the Rocketbook Wave (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/642311833/rocketbook-wave-cloud-connected-microwavable-noteb) software works. I have been trying out the Rocketbook Wave app, but it has some shortcomings, first of which is extremely low image resolution on captured images. Second of which is that it's direct link to Evernote is pretty flaky. For instance, if I am doing some paper and pen journaling, and I wish to save that into Evernote as well via the document camera on my Android phone, it would be great if EN could recognize the word "journal" at the top of the page, or some hand drawn icon of my choosing, to tell EN to file that newly captured document camera note into the "journal" notebook. It seems like the technology exists to accomplish this.
  3. +1 for Android. I am currently looking to start journaling. I wish to do most of my journaling with good old pen and paper, but want to be able to readily digitize it into some form of journaling application, or just into Evernote. So far evernote, via the document camera, seems to be the best option for combining the pen and paper world with the digital world of journaling. Would love to see more options out there.
  4. +1. I lost a couple of notes the other day while doing some testing of various filing and naming options and testing use of my scanner and the built in Android document camera. Would have really been nice to "undo" a couple of times when I accidentally used the "back" key to delete an entire imported image. Really need and UNDO button in all versions.
  5. This is a great idea. There should be more auto-naming options in the Android version. For example: 1. first (user selectable quantity of) words in the note. This should be able to work with the document camera too, with the built in hand writing OCR. 2. current time and date only (without grabbing calendar event info). I'm sure there are more good ideas. I had a not self-title itself "clean cat litter" because I have a reminder all day event in my google calendar to change my cat litter 3 days a week. I have had others even less helpful.
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