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  1. I upgraded to 10.6.9 in the hope of solving the blank note issue. Now it isn't syncing properly. I can see that Mac app successfully sent to cloud a new note and I can see it on a windows machine with evernote but notes created on Windows evernote haven't downloaded to Mac and its been nearly 24 hours.. The recent issues with Evernote are exhausting.. this for me is worse than the blank note issue - at least there was a workaround for that. But I have restarted evernote and it still won't download the notes created elsewhere. I wish I could press a sync button! at least see that its tried to sync..
  2. Today this happened to me whilst I was using Evernote (Mac 10.5.7) ie Not when I came back but whilst it was the active app. I was reading notes, clicking on mini note headers in the list, when suddenly it stops showing content of the note, ie blank, I immediately returned to the note I was was displaying previously and the right note screen remained blank. Might be relevant to programmers, as it was not the usual come back to the app from a time away, but stopped between moving from one note to the next.
  3. I have continually had this problem for a few updates and it continues today. I am premium subscriber running 10.5.7 on a Mac with 10.15.6 Catalina. I get blank notes if I return to my open Evernote app after some time away (don't know how long it takes to happen) until I restart Evernote. Is it logging itself out of Evernote? is that the problem? This is incredibly annoying
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