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  1. Thanks. Yes I've heard this before but the problem is this is a feature that did exist and then was removed. It's not like something new. As fa as using 3rd party solutions, although they may work it doesn't really address the problem. The Atlas feature was useful because it was automatic AND required no interaction from the user. It provided another way of referencing notes besides tags, etc. For instance I may not be able to remember the name of a restaurant I went to the last time I was in Syracuse, New York but I remember I really like it. The atlas feature made it easy to see all the notes I had stored when I was in Syracuse - a limited amount - and from there it wouldn't be hard to find the information I was looking for about that restaurant. Of course there are many other examples of how this has been useful. The bigger problem is what appears to be a trend to make Evernote less powerful rather than more powerful. I would think that would be a sign that it's in decline (still) or at the very least confused. How are they going to entice me and others like me to remain with this platform with this kind of strategy? Lastly, I know there is a syntax for date search but it's not convenient or intuitive. That would be a feature I'm sure many would welcome. What is Evernote actually adding or enhancing besides tinkering with the interface? Appreciate your feedback.
  2. I'm at a loss as to why Evernote would have had this feature for literally years and then... it's gone. Maybe it has to do with licensing but still why did it suddenly become an issue. Also, is Evernote monitoring this forum and if so, what is their response?
  3. Yes, I am in total agreement that Evernote needs to bring back this feature. I can't imagine why it would have been discontinued. It's a serious enough blunder that I will need to start looking for alternatives. Never thought I would be saying this. Evernote seems to have lost it's way... Too bad.
  4. I have exactly the same problem as described above. Has this bug been addressed and if so apart from completely restoring from the cloud what other solution is available? Also, I noticed that this is occuring on my laptop (Lenovo Yoga 3) but not on my desktop.
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