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  1. Hi, today v7.9 has been released and it still didn't fix the following issue even if RN were talking about a similar fix. Any text copied from a note to 3rd party editor adds new line character at the end of copied text. This is a big annoyance for those using Evernote for storing technical notes. I would advise users to don't use Evernote e.g. to directly copy any commands from a note to a Linux command line. This problem was introduced months ago and it still persists. Please check and fix. Thanks a lot! Device/OS: Macbook Pro / High Sierra 10.13.6 Version 7.9 (457563 Direct) Editor: 62.3.7750 (ee6e44e)
  2. They are literally ignoring this (easy to implement) feature for years now. I basically resigned on this as there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel..
  3. I started experiencing freezing very often after upgrade to the latest v6.11(El-Capitan, rMBP 2012) - it's SUPER ANNOYING. To be honest, there seems to be practically zero development (at lest regarding the desktop version) and rather than fixing bugs they often introduce another nasty ones. This SW is getting worse and worse and it's only a matter of time when more users will migrate to another product. It's clearly visible even from the forum how "satisfied" users are with EN and how "promptly" reported issues are being processed.
  4. It's clear, they simply don't want to do it or they don't read their own forum. This request exists "for ages" (and it's difficult to understand why they introduced a single color highlighter only). It would take them couple of hours more + some testing to fix this useful feature (this is just a different color and existing color selector can be used for that!). They rather introduce less important stuff (e.g. note reminders etc.). As well, there is no quick way how to report bugs (and possibly missing features) right from the app. If I spot an error (and I've encountered numerous bugs so far), I won't definitely go to forum and report that (and I'm pretty sure many others neither). This is simply too cumbersome to me. If they need to track a bug, they can start a forum thread themselves. It should be no.1 priority for them to identify and fix bugs to keep their users happy, but to me it seems it isn't. I don't see any real progress in development of the desktop app. (especially concerning the central point - editor). To me Evernote is love and hate at the same time, but these rather small issues and inability to resolve them for a long time are killing the app & Evernote reputation. That's just my opinion on that. Peace
  5. Interesting, as it seemed to be fixed for me in 6.0.10 EN (OS X 10.9.5). Then I upgraded to 6.0.11 and it's been fine for me so far as well .. Now I would really appreciate to have more colors for text highlighting - not only one (yellow) ;-) .. I still not get why only 1 color is supported and if you need more, you simply have to do that in other app (e.g. in MS Word) and copy then back to Evernote. Anyway maybe now, when very important Evernote for apple watch is ready (I guess max. 0,001% of users will find usage for such an app at the moment) they would be able to concentrate on "less important" details like Evernote editor in desktop version etc. (sorry for such a sarcasm, but that's exactly what I've been feeling about during long existence of the indentation bug, no real progress with the Evernote editor for a longer time .. and when I registered several updates of that important 'evernote for apple watch' app). Many thanks for fixing the indentation issue anyway! :-)
  6. a small addition to my previous comment: I'm using Evernote for Mac 6.0.8
  7. Dear evernote support, is there any progress with this bug?? I have been experiencing the problem for number of months and problem still persists. Currently I'm using v6.0.8. I guess this is pretty critical bug for users who would like to paste e.g. some code snippets or basically any plaintext with indentation .. Thanks for your feedback.
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