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  1. Hallo, Tables made in evernote seem to randomly resize themselves, not taking the window size of the note into account. Every time I change device, the table is messed up. See the screenshot. Please get some work done on the editor. A note taking app shouldn't have a bad editor like the one found in Evernote. https://i.imgur.com/bDEDTEM.png
  2. Thanks, sorry if I was too harsh in my reply. My point was that it doesn't have to do with the design or development processes as such, it has to do with the decisions made by the Evernote team. We seem to agree. My point is that it seems like you were making excuses for why Evernote haven't done this or that. You react to feedback posts and obviously very engaged in this community (which is awesome!), but don't really address the presented issue. Instead you defend, or at least, try to explain why the Evernote team hasn't come around to fix this or that. Such information is nice-to-ha
  3. Correct - it is currently possible to change text in the cells, sooo, that works! The problem is that I don't want to use 3. party software to do what is soooo basic for an editor. Look at Dropbox Paper to get an idea of how an online table editor could work. Dropbox Paper is a new product, maybe 6 months old atm, and still in "beta". How old is evernote? I know that sometimes, it's easier to start from stratch and design a new editor... But I think this is a needed feature. There are other weird editor bugs that pop up from time to time, will try and capture them when they happen in the
  4. It's easy to make up reasons for why the development and design of evernote is going the way it's going. That doesn't change that the feedback provided in this forum is extremely valuable, probably more than collected quantitative usage data which is so populare with the Califorina ideology. The bloat thing is true, Evernote have even admitted this by closing down project like that weird food app. In other words, you don't need to argue and explain as to why Evernote haven't fixed this or that bug or feature. People are complaining that Evernote seem, at least from our perspective, to ignore
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