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  1. @Jefito: Yes, guess a few remained open... just noticed a few that were also closed. Expecting a merge, or close or something from admins. There isn't a great alternative (and thank you for the link to the alternative thread).... The other benefits of EN are great.... just need the nesting. OneNote is promising but needs more growth and maturity. Have been keeping an eye on it (continue to check it out when updated) but will be some time before ON is a reasonable contender. Have moved some information management to other systems, where the EN strengths are not as necessary. But do not wa
  2. @Frank: Thank you....got a good chuckle. Checked out Workflowy and you are right, almost an endless ability to nest lists. @JMichael: Came across those posts in other searches. The points are certainly logical and valid - want to use Evernote, accept the limitations - need the nesting, then Evernote isn't the tool. --- EN made the clear decision from the beginning to abandon the legacy concepts of hierarchy....onward to the new world of tags. The stance has been so anti-hierarchy that many within product leadership would likely perceive the mere consideration of nesting as betrayal t
  3. Need the ability to NEST notes and notebooks; started abandoning Everynote as a result. Been using Evernote for a few years. Now using it heavily and tags aren't cutting it and wastes more time trying to organize and manage tags and stacks. Please do not respond explaining the benefits of tags, keywords, search, stacks. Keep the benefits of tags, keywords, search, stacks ~ just not at the expense of the nested hierarchy. No links to related articles, tutorials, demos, blogs on how to use tags and how to organize. ---- Keep the tags, but please allow nesting. Notebook and stacks, tags.
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